The AOI Certificate & Diploma – Generic information.

Our two-year Diploma programme was reengineered in 2023, to create a broader opportunity to those interested in osteopathy for animals.

This means we can now offer students the chance to take year one of the Diploma as a standalone Certificate Programme. This course is the equivalent of year one of the Diploma Programme, which means it helps those who need a little more time raise the funds to take the two-year Diploma Programme.

The AOI Academic Pathway is taught via two separate pathways, to respect the significant pathological, environmental, and biomechanical differences between dogs and horses.

Students can take both pathways (canine and equine) but 1200 hours a year equates to full-time study, so dual-pathway  is not advised alongside a full-time day job. 

Students of AOI’s Academic Pathway, are trained to a standard that far exceeds most other courses and ensures that graduates are safe, competent practitioners, who can work autonomously in any professional setting. This ensures that AOI practitioners have access to a wide range of careers, which includes, but is not limited to, academia, clinical practice, commercial, political, and legislative positions.

Students can apply all year round (if they want a guaranteed place on their chosen cohort), but UK classes typically start in September each year and North America/Canada in January. 

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We train equine and canine practitioners separately, in two distinct pathways. This is because horses and dogs are totally different creatures that suffer from different pathologies and environmental challenges. They are also different to assess and treat, and consequently require different approaches of osteopathic care. 

If you would like more detailed information about the layout of the programmes, go to our blog past, dated 11th November 2023. 

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