Diploma – Generic information.

Our two-year diploma course is intended for clinical practitioners, such as vets, vet techs, osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists and similarly qualified professionals. It is taught at higher education level 6 and 7 over two years and equates to 1200hrs of total learning. 

The course is taught via blended learning with online theory and hundreds of hours of demonstrative videos, plus two high quality consolidated practicums taught by an exceptional osteopathic teaching team. 

  • Year one is a 5-day practicum.
  • Year two is a 12-day practicum.

This saves you time and money, and reduces the stresses associated with extensive travel. 

Practicums for the Diploma are held annually in the UK, Denmark, Canada and the USA, and from 2024 New Zealand. 

The Diploma equates to 1200hrs of total learning, including a wide range of online and face to face activities that aim to consolidate and cement your learning.

The Diploma Programme has been designed for students to learn the essential components of the osteopathic profession. It gives students an opportunity to receive an excellent foundation to a career in animal functional osteopathy/therapy with highly experienced osteopathic lecturers who teach the classics of osteopathy – modified to the animal patient. 

AOI focuses on quality and the programme is designed to be robust. Our students do work hard to achieve success, but they are also very proud of the qualifications they hold. Many students continue their education with AOI, to achieve Master Practitioner status. Some go onto run their own courses, write books and for magazines. Others become teachers, open their own schools, and even become PhDs. The options are all open to you because we are a community that believes in a modern educational system that breeds independence and personal success. 

As a student of the Diploma you will be taught how to work effectively with canine or equine patients (depending upon your chosen pathway) using manual osteopathic assessments and technique. You will also learn many life skills that will help you to communicate effectively with owners, and other veterinary professionals and gain the necessary toolkit work with animals in a professional setting.

We offer two separate pathways because horses and dogs are totally different creatures and require different approaches of osteopathic care.