Functional Osteopathy for the Equine Patient

Level One of AOI’s Academic Pathway.

An Online Course. Designed with YOU in mind

Online and one single practicum in the UK

Everything you need to start your new career, whilst saving on the cost of travel, accommodation and time away from home/work.

2021 Enrolment is now open

This course is the first of three levels that make up the Academic Pathway, creating the fundamental building blocks of all our practitioner equine programmes. Level One aims to offer practitioners a robust baseline knowledge from which to move into Level Two (Diploma and Advanced Diploma). 

We run our MCP practicums with 16-18 students at a time, but because of the nature of the course, students can apply all year around to start the online component. The first MCP practicum option will typically run 7- 8 months after the start date (COVID regulations permitting) because students must first complete the 16 modules of the programme (including on demand webinars), all assessments and self-directed learning activities before booking a practicum date. If students cannot make the first practicum option, they will be able to join the next available event. Ultimately, students have 24 months in which to complete the whole level one course, so there is plenty of wiggle room for other plans and commitments.

Blended learning works better for our students

Having the programme online means that students can study from the comfort of their own home, no matter in which country they live. This saves an enormous amount of time and money, because you won’t need multiple days away from home, accommodation for each weekend and costs associated with travel. In addition, you don’t need to take vast amounts of time off work or worry about child care etc. All these issues have repeatedly come up for us over the years, so we know they are limiting factors for many students. The blended learning format means that our international students (especially), will save thousands of pounds compared with our old model, so we hope that overall, this concept will be favourable.

The three format options for this course

  1. Masterclass Pathway (MCP) – This course comprises 16 online modules, 6 on demand webinars, access to our online community to communicate with fellow students, live student support throughout the course. A 4-5 day practical clinic, plus cases and clinical assessments
  2. Online Enhanced Interaction (OEI) Pathway PLUS practicum – This option is new for those who are concerned about COVID and spending a lot of money on travelling when the world is so hard to navigate. We are allowing students to join as an OEI pathway student, but in the knowledge that the student will join a practice within the 24 month study period (once travel is easier). Students who sign up for this option, will need to undertake the same assessments as MCP students, so as to remain parallel with their cohort. 
  3. Online Enhanced Interaction (OEI) Pathway – This is the MCP pathway without the inclusion of a practicum. It is only suitable as a revision tool for those already in practice osteopathically (with equine patients). Practitioners who want to move directly into Level Two but haven’t studied for a long time and need to refresh themselves. Students who wish to apply for the OEIP, will need to show evidence of prior qualification and clinical experience and they will be expected to pass all end of module tests before being considered for Level Two. The OEI Pathway contents includes 16 online modules, 6 on-demand webinars and access to our online community to communicate with fellow OEI, OEIP and MCP students. Live student support is also included.


The course is taught in English (UK) so it is essential that all international students be proficient in all aspects of the English language, both spoken and written. Without this level of understanding, students will not only struggle with the module presentations, but also find practical clinics and assessments extremely demanding – if not impossible. The AOI will not be held responsible for any language challenges that arise at any point throughout this course. It is your responsibility to know your level of language competency and apply accordingly.


International clinics may be considered where large enough local groups can be acquired. Where numbers do not warrant a practicum in to your home country, students will be required to attend a 4-5 day practicum in the UK, which includes the assessment day. These will be run as a block of practical study, to reduce the expense of travel and accommodation for students. As AOI cannot guarantee (at this time) that practical clinics will be run outside the UK, please assume that you will need to travel for the practical sessions, in order to complete the full Masterclass Pathway. If you are keen to have us run a local event, please write to us with your proposal to act as a local contact. 

Practicum events will be run for 5 consecutive days (including the assessment day), to reduce the expense of travel and accommodation for students will be requested of any student who does not come from an osteopathic background (although osteopathic practitioners may attend if they wish). Please note that the first day (Day 0) which is required of all non-osteopath, is at the discretion of the AOI and if you are asked to attend, it will be part of the qualifying criteria.

As AOI cannot guarantee that practical clinics will be run outside the UK, please assume that you will need to travel to this location for the practicum, in order to complete the full Masterclass Pathway. Furthermore, the AOI cannot be held responsible for any restrictions placed on travel, inside or outside the UK (COVID related or otherwise). If this happens, AOI will run practicums as soon as restrictions are lifted and we can ensure the safely of our staff and students. Refunds will not be given to students who sign up with any other assumption.

Please note: Day 0 has not been accounted for in any costings applied to this course. As such, students will be asked to pay for this at the time of the practicum booking.

Online Requirements

Students who apply for this course, must have a suitable computer (not just smart-phone or tablet) and be able to access a strong internet connection.


A variety of assessments will be used on the Masterclass Pathway, to ensure that all types of learner have a chance to shine. Both formative and summative assessments will be included to actively ensure that students fully engage along the way, and to offer graduates a final certificate that they can be proud to own. Please note: we have years of experience with students who struggle with assessments. So, if you’re one of those people, rest assured, we will support you as much as we can, to help you succeed. 

4-5 day Practical Clinics inc. assessment day

The aim of the course is to offer practitioners a robust baseline knowledge from which to grow as an equine therapist. Successful completion and comprehension of the content will give practitioners all they need to enter our Level Two Diploma equine courses with confidence.

Functional Osteopathic Practitioner verses Functional Practitioner

This information is to ensure that all prospective students are clear about the laws and regulations linked the title osteopath. Please read it carefully.

If you are joining us, as a registered UK osteopath, then yes, you can use the term osteopath or osteopathy within your marketing. However, at this time, whilst regulation in this field is changing day by day, the AOI recommends that those thinking to practice in the UK, follow the guidelines given by the General Osteopathic Council. This being, that one cannot use the word “Osteopathy, Osteopathic or Osteopath” in the UK, unless they are a registered human osteopath. This is to ensure that no misunderstanding occurs in public domain. As such, if your aim is to have the “title” Osteopath, Osteopathic or Osteopathy” within your marketing, we urge you to check with local (and State) regulations before you apply. The AOI cannot be held responsible for any issues arising from regulatory limitations. At this time, AOI recommends the amended term Equine Functional Practitioner (EFP) for those who do not have a registered osteopathic background and work within the UK. If you wish to apply to RAMP, you can inform them that your studies have been in the osteopathic field, as they do not enforce the need for preparatory human training, so long as you fulfil criteria in other ways. 

All delegates (especially if outside the UK), should explore insurance options with a reputable insurance company, which will allow you to study/work on/with animals once they qualify. It is the student’s responsibility to undertake this research in advance of applying, so that they are happy that they can purchase insurance to practice once qualified. AOI will not be held responsible for a lack of research in this area before commencement of the pathway and no refunds will be given as a result of insufficient due diligence. We are happy to issue supporting paperwork if required by an insurance provider.