Advanced Seminar Workshops

Previously named Level Three

AOI offers Advanced Seminar Workshops, which (when taken collectively) can acquire 600 hours of learning, leading to an AOI Advanced Diploma. They can also be taken as standalone workshops, although we sell modules as packages so that appropriate content is taught together. 

To give context. AOI recommends that (where geographically available) the Certificate and Diploma programme be taken as two consecutive years., but the AOI Advanced Diploma process is, by contrast, a modular approach (to allow students more flexibility).

Who can take Advanced Seminar Workshops with AOI? 

Any practitioner who demonstrates that they have successfully studied the indicative content covered within the AOI Diploma can join a level three module. They do not have to be AOI alumni. 

The modular process offers our students the chance to develop their own skill set as they wish whilst ensuring years of CPD opportunity. This flexibility takes the pressure out of CPD, allowing practitioners to grow as individuals. 

At AOI, we see no benefit in creating robots. We want to produce independent professionals who have shaped their careers and all look different. To do that, we must provide our customers with varying learning options, which is what we do. 

Below is a list of Advanced Seminar Workshops we will consider running if interest exists. Some modules are run as standalone topics, whilst others are recommended side-by-side for completeness and ease of comprehension. We also intend to run 2 to 3 workshops at a time to reduce the cost of travel for our students who wish to make fewer visits for each workshop.

Advanced Seminar Workshops options may include:

  • Diploma refresher with detailed osteopathic case analysis. 
  • Osteopathic mobilisations, adjustments, and toggles (UK only)
  • The Canine (or Equine) Head (including TMJ & hyoid)
  • Biodynamic & Biomechanical Cranial Approaches to assessment and treatment.
  • Visceral Considerations Part I: Respiratory and Cardiovascular
  • Visceral Considerations Part II: Digestive System
  • Visceral Considerations Part III: Endocrine and Urogenital System
  • Advanced Clinical Competence and Professional Practice.
  • Training and Learning Theory.
  • Horse and Rider – assessing the impact of this dynamic partnership. 
  • Rehabilitation and Recovery.
  • Hydrotherapy.
  • Teaching & Education – for those who want to go into teaching
  • Business topics, such as starting up in practice and how to keep your audience
  • Other topics may be added as interest dictates 

For those studying with AOI, we recommend a break of 12-months before pursuing advanced modules, because all practitioners need time to consolidate what they have learned at Diploma level before jumping into deeper territory. As such, we plan to start releasing Advanced Seminar Workshops in 2024.

The typical cohort size for Advanced Seminar Workshops is 12 students (with two trainers), and practicums are due to be run in Denmark, Canada and the United Kingdom, depending on interest. 

Private tuition for Advanced Modules is also available. Ask for more information: 

If you are an educator (or educational establishment) and have a product you think will interest our students, please email us with more information.