Advanced Diploma & Master Practitioner Awards

The initial Diploma programme must be taken as two consecutive years, but the process of the Advanced Diploma and Master Practitioner Award is, by contrast, a modular process (to allow for student choice and bespoke career progression).

Please note: COVID drove our courses online, which has been a great benefit to our international community. Consequently, we are upgrading and redeveloping all our modules and courses, to bring you the best possible quality, whilst maintaining clinical safety and competency, through high quality practicums. This is a time-consuming process to do to a professional standard, so please be patient. We will update our followers, so do sign up for our course news or follow us on Facebook

Advanced and Master Practitioner Module Options Comprise:

  • Mobilisations, adjustments, and toggles
  • The Canine (or Equine) Head (including TMJ & hyoid)
  • Biodynamic & Biomechanical Cranial Approaches to assessment and treatment.
  • Visceral Considerations Part I: Respiratory and Cardiovascular
  • Visceral Considerations Part II: Digestive System
  • Visceral Considerations Part III: Endocrine and Urogenital System
  • Advanced Clinic Competence and Professional Practice.
  • Rehabilitation and Recovery
  • Professional & Business Development
  • Research Studies and Academic Writing
  • Teaching & Educational Delivery
  • Other topics to be added over time..