Welcome to the AOI


A dynamic initiative which focuses not only professional postgraduate education, but also on international collaborations, animal welfare, and the sharing of knowledge for the greater good of the animals for which we care.

We welcome students from all professional backgrounds, offering courses that suit animal osteopaths, veterinary professionals, MSK animal practitioners and also engaged owners. For more information, click on the “Course Information” drop-down menu.

Our teachers are all in animal practice, meaning that they offer up to date knowledge and experience to all who learn with us. We also support graduates of ours who wish to go on to become AOI teachers.

We also support the work of trusted professional lectures who speak and run courses of their own around the world, such as Dr Anna Crane (USA), Michael Laloux (Spain), Gillian Higgins (UK) and Margrit Coates (UK).

For more information… please go explore our site. Welcome!


  • The AOI Canine Osteopathy course is an exceedingly well conceived and presented course held in fantastic premises at Plumpton College. 

    From the onset the lecturing team ensure safety and care of both self and the dogs. This is paramount throughout. Techniques are well taught with emphasis on hands on experience with dogs from day one. Each lecturer is experienced within their field and their knowledge is delivered in a multitude of ways to suit all learning preferences.

    Helen Beuschel