Functional Osteopathy – combines the strengths of osteopathy & physical therapy

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Focused on safety & clinical competency.

Functional Osteopathy for animals is a branch of physical therapy for animals, with a strong focus on assessing the whole animal and their environment to attain a successful long-term outcome. Training to become a fully proficient Functional Practitioner/Osteopath with AOI takes 3-5 years, because there is a lot to learn and each student is different. Learning to think like an osteopath, means getting to grips with the concepts, philosophy, anatomy, pathology and external factors that affect health; that takes time, and, it needs to be learnt in such a way that you can assimilate a new way of working. All who join AOI, come from a clinical or therapeutic background (e.g. Veterinarians, Members of RCVS, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Advanced Animal Therapists etc.).

Training includes topics such as: advanced anatomy, physiology, pathology, orthopaedics, neurology, biomechanics, animal behaviour, applied learning theory, palpation skills, clinical assessment, and a wide range of therapeutic and rehabilitation techniques. In addition, our students are taught research and professional writing, alongside the softer (but all important) life-skills, such a critical reflection, professional communication, marketing, business management and financial awareness. This ensures that they leave our programme fully equipped and ready to be competent, safe practitioners.

Courses are taught by experienced Animal Osteopaths, Veterinary Physiotherapists, Doctors of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Behaviourists.

As a UK-based private training establishment, AOI aligns the information taught in its courses with UK laws and regulations, whilst actively encouraging students from other countries to  investigate the regulations and boundaries of their own country as part of the application process. Use of title varies from country to country and this is why you will see the term Functional Practitioner used synonymously throughout this site, as a way to offer a professional alternative to Animal Osteopath.

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“I’m truly grateful to the AOI for helping me to enhance my clinical skill-set, so, I’m happy to offer some words about the course. The main pathway is taught by blended learning, with excellent online content that is in-depth and very clear, with many supporting videos. The practical classes are small, focused and supportive, so you’ll have lots of hands-on opportunity to fine-tune your skills, and, the team is clearly committed to developing safe, competent practitioners, so everything is compartmentalised, so you have time to reflect and improve, one stage at a time. I’ve studied many courses in the past, but this has really developed me as a person and practitioner, and I’d highly recommend it.”  S. Davis

AOI is founded on the desire to provide the highest quality of education in the field of animal functional therapy/osteopathy to those who want to learn about real osteopathy and all the various elements that create this wonderful art and science. We cover all areas of traditional osteopathy within our programmes and teach from a perspective of osteopathic principles and concepts. Techniques such as balanced ligamentous tension, adjustments, general articulatory technique and visceral have all been modified for the animal patient. This ensures that our graduates can assess and treat with a full range of skills and feel assured of their clinical competency.

A truly international student/alumni community

Animal Osteopathy International has a truly global community. We train students from the UK, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Greece, Australia, Russia, Sweden, Poland, France, Spain, Israel, Argentina, The Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland.

2023 – Year one practicums will be held in the UK and New York State, USA.

2023 – Year two practicums will be held in the UK and Denmark and our New Zealand course will commence. We will also start a new webinar series for existing practitioners.

2024 – A new course will be delivered via a practicum in New Zealand, and year one practicums will run the UK, Denmark

With a register that offers ongoing professional guidance for all its graduates.

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