Canine & Feline Books

Below are books that we know our past students have found useful. We also have an equine page for those studying the equine pathway. If you click on the image of the book, it will take you through to Amazon, where you can read about its contents and price.  

If there are any books that you find particularly useful and would recommend we include, please let us know:

The Dog Anatomy Colouring Book
Canine Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy & Massage for the Dog
Dog Anatomy: A Colouring Atlas
Animal Physiotherapy ….
Miller’s Anatomy of the Dog
Dogs in Motion (Fischer)
Anatomy of the Dog (Budras)
Guide to Dissection of the Dog
Colour Atlas of Veterinary Anatomy
BSAVA Manual of Canine Neurology
Veterinary Neuroanatomy
Canine Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation
BSAVA Small Animal Formulary: Canine and Feline
Osteopathy & the treatment of horses. Anthony Pusey et al.
Animal Osteopathy: A comprehensive guide of animals & birds
BSAVA – Canine & Feline MSK Disorders
The Merk Veterinary Manual
Think Dog: An Owner’s Guide
Introduction to Animal Behaviour
Boogie on down the road – SAR
Nala’s World

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