Functional Osteopathic Training

AOI offers courses in a wide range of animal related studies. Some are indeed, osteopathic, but others offer fundamental skills that would benefit many animal practitioners and veterinary professionals. We also run online Fireside Chat events (which are free and open to all) and courses that are suited to owners and those seeking a baseline knowledge. These are particularly good for those who want to learn more about animals and how to care for them day to day. As a result of the COVID crisis, we are working hard to extend our online offering, so please do keep an eye on the website and Facebook groups/pages, as new courses are coming out all the time!

Some of our courses are more suited to the osteopathic, physiotherapy, veterinarian and advanced bodywork audience, but we also have plenty of exciting workshops/courses coming out over the next 24 months that add benefit to other animal practitioners too. All we ask, is that you know that you are at a suitable level of education for the course to which you apply, and that, when required, you provide mapped evidence of any past training, especially if you are applying to join our Academic Pathway. 

Our programmes and CPD courses are intended to educate those who wish to learn and/or adapt functional osteopathic concepts, principles and techniques for use on animal patients. As such, we recommend that delegates to be fully qualified in a professional field (such as osteopathy, physiotherapy, advanced bodywork, degree level equine sports/remedial therapy or veterinary medicine), before applying for our Academic Pathway. This is because experience has taught us, that students will find it much easier with a foundation of knowledge. We do consider students of osteopathic medicine or physiotherapy, who are in their penultimate year, but we recommend that you be excelling in your human studies, such that it will not affect the outcome of your current degree. We also recommend that you speak to your [intended] insurance company before pursuing an application, if you have any concerns about trying to practice animal functional therapy/functional osteopathy before you hold a baseline qualification.

For those who fall under the above categories, you may wish to go to our course specific pages under the “All Courses” tab. Here you will find information about the three main Academic Pathways (Certificate, Diploma/Advanced Diploma and Master Practitioner Level Three modules) for our canine and equine programmes. Take a look around. Decide what suits your interest and learning and send us an email when you wish to apply. Our course pages are extensive, so most anything you need to know, you will find. But in the event that you have a specific question, please write to us at and we can arrange to have a conversation with you first.

If you’re looking for something a little softer, as an interim, you are welcome to join our Owner Online Series or some of our Equine or Canine CPD events. 

How our Academic Programme works 

The European school of Osteopathy

We have worked with the  European School of Osteopathy since 2014 and today it is our validator. This ensures transparency and quality assurance to all our students. The ESO issues certificates of competency to AOI students who have completed the academic aspected of our programmes. 

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