Professional Courses

AOI offers courses in a wide range of animal related studies. Some are indeed, osteopathic, but others offer fundamental skills that would benefit many animal practitioners and veterinary professionals. We also run talks and courses that are suited to owners. These are particularly good for those who want to learn more about their animals and how to care for them day to day. As a result of the current COVID crisis, we are working hard to extend our online offering. If you wish to be put on our mailing list, please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Some of our courses are more suited to the osteopathic audience, but we also run plenty of workshops/courses that add benefit to other animal practitioners and vets. All we ask, is that you are at a suitable level of education for the course to which you apply and that you provide mapped evidence of any past training (as required by the prerequisite of any given event) if you are applying for an academic course.

Our osteopathic CPD courses/workshops are intended to educate those who wish to adapt osteopathic concepts, principles and techniques for use on animal patients. As such, we urge delegates to be fully qualified in osteopathy before applying for one of our courses, as experience has taught us, that you will find it much easier with a foundation of knowledge and less stressful than a final year in osteopathic school can afford you. We do occasionally consider final year osteopathic students who are exceeding in their studies, but we must make you aware that you may have trouble accessing insurance until you are fully qualified, as these are postgraduate CPD courses, that assume a baseline knowledge. We therefore recommend that you speak to your [intended] insurance company before pursuing an application if you have any concerns.

If you’re looking for something a little softer, as an interim path, then student practitioners are welcome to join our owner online series, in which they can learn the basics of canine and equine care. For more information, please complete the contact form below and we will add you to our mailing list.

We work in association with the European School of Osteopathy (as an internal validator), to offer transparency and quality to all our students. The ESO issues CPD certificates to AOI students who have completed full “Staged” courses. For more information, send us an email.

If you would like us to stay in touch about our work and courses, please put your email in the box below.

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