Functional Osteopathic Training

 “My experience with Animal Osteopathy International was as someone who was completely new to the equestrian world, and it has been amazing.

They team supports each students in the areas they lack knowledge,  or have insecurities. They always aim to get the most out of the student and their capabilities.

I am so happy that I after several episodes of cold feet, I got into it and learned from two really dedicated teachers.

I learned a lot in such a short time and pushed several boundaries, so I look forward to proceed on the next level. “

Casper Anderson (Danish student)


"I chose AOI because I wanted to be the finest practitioner that I could be. I looked at other courses, but felt that online learning alone was inappropriate for such a clinically sensitive discipline. AOI courses are so well written, with fantastic online content that gives you everything you need to attend a sessional practicum with confidence. The team is made up of experienced animal osteopaths who are kind, supportive and truly passionate about the field. It is a pleasure to work with them."
C. Walters

The AOI is passionate about animals. We care about animal welfare and about the quality of care practitioners offer. We don’t believe that osteopathic course should be taught solely online because animal’s deserve the same degree of care, as any other patient and that isn’t possible without experienced hands-on tutorage. That is why we have developed a pathway of study that includes everything an animal practitioner needs, to be safe and competent, in line with their Scope of Practice, including extensive hands-on practicals that we can now offer in the UK, Denmark, the USA, NZ and Canada.

We don’t suit students who seek a quick qualification that allows them treat animals. We are for students who see value in having a full unabridged osteopathic toolkit, so that they can feel confident that they can assess and treat safely without ever compromising the care of their patients. 

AOI’s Academic Pathway, has been comprehensively redeveloped to fulfil the clinical demands of today’s market. It includes an extensive curriculum that includes comprehensive online lectures, videos and live events. Alongside, high quality practicums at the end of every level. 

Open to veterinary professionals, regulated clinical professionals (i.e., osteopaths, physiotherapists and chiropractors) and graduates of AOI Approved Courses, such as Equinology Inc. our Academic Pathway offers students all-encompassing insight into the world of osteopathic concepts, philosophy and technique, redeveloped specifically for the equine and canine patient. 

Taught via two separate pathways, to respect the significant pathological and biomechanical differences between dogs and horses, students of AOI’s Academic Pathway, are trained to a standard that far exceeds most other courses and ensures that graduates are safe, competent practitioners, who can work autonomously in any professional setting. This ensures that AOI graduates have access to a wide-range of careers, which include but are not limited to: academia, clinical practice, commercial, political and legislative. 

Enrolment is open all year round, but for those wishing to attend specific practicums in a certain country, entry points are advised. Please follow our AOI Facebook page or blog, where these dates first get released.

How our Academic Programme works 

Would you like to start your journey today?

If you’re interested in becoming an animal osteopath, click on a link below to find our more about our canine and equine Foundation Courses. This is the starting point of the Diploma. 

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Year two practicums running in June 2023. Existing year one students – or those who have passed the AOI conversion course – are both welcome. New equine and canine cohorts will start in October 2023, with a year one practicum in 2024. Ask for more details:


The next Canadian practicum will be a year two  equine programme with a practicum in mid-September 2023. Existing year one students – or those who have passed the AOI conversion course – are both welcome.  The online component of this course starts early 2023.  Ask for more details: