Functional Osteopathic Training

Testimonials from past & present students

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I just finished the Canine Year 1 practicum in Canada and wanted to thank Dustie and Eleanor (and Lucy and Will) for the most intense, positive, productive, and stimulating week of learning I have ever experienced as a veterinarian. The techniques we learn can be applied from puppyhood to hospice as a gentle whole body treatment. The instructors teach you how to read an animal, how to apply osteopathy techniques, and how to evaluate your treatments. They ask you to understand concepts so that you apply the right treatment to the right area for the right amount of time to maximize the benefit for the individual. Their individual attention to their students creates a safe learning space to ask questions, which is very necessary to understand the concepts. Their passion for osteopathy is contagious and I left Canada wanting more. I give this program my highest recommendation for both veterinerians and body workers. I know I am a better vet for taking this course and can now offer my hospice and palliative care patients a gentle and very effective treatment for chronic pain.

Written by Stephanie James (DVM – USA)

As I write this post, the first year Equine Functional Osteopathy practicum has concluded. The moment I had quietly stressed about for the past few months came and went, and now I’m wishing I could do it all again. What an amazing experience it was!!! Year 1 is such a journey – the course content challenges you (as well it should – nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort), and adjusting your mindset to be osteopathic in your approach makes you look at the whole horse and beyond in a very different way. The education through Animal Osteopathy International is top-notch; and summons you to bring your best self to the fore. But the biggest compliment I can give to the AOI programme is the care and investment you receive from the instructors. Dustie and Eleanor lead you through your self-perceived barriers and help you to achieve what you might not have believed you could do (they do a proprioceptive reset on you :)). As instructors, all they can do is influence us (they can’t do it for us), but in order to influence, they must have the trust of the students and inspire them. It’s very easy to trust and be inspired by Dustie and Eleanor – they are incredibly knowledgeable and they have been working with students for such a long time; they have seen it all. It’s always nice when your instructors are your champions – building your confidence as you learn and evolve; wanting you to grow and achieve and go on to make an important difference in the lives of the horses of this world. Then, there’s the helpful support of Lucy and the hilarious social media posts from Wil. I am so thankful that I decided to study with AOI!

For the students who still have the practicum ahead of you, you will find it the most amazing experience. My advice is to lean ALL the way in; do the work to the best of your ability; and watch as the most rewarding and transformative experiences unfold before you. For people considering continuing their education, I can’t recommend AOI enough. You will grow as a practitioner and as a person through the journey. You will learn to think clinically and employ critical thinking; to reason and explore – to peel the layers off the onion; and to put all aspects of the horse and the factors influencing him/her (internal and external) at the core of your treatments. And for me, I’m excited to say that the learning continues – all for the benefit of our beautiful and supremely majestic equine friends. Bring on Year 2!

Written by Angela Lemanis

I completed my level 1 practicum in the uk last month in April. I won’t lie, it was an intense week but I really loved it and within them few days I learnt so much more. Little techniques that made a huge difference to the practical aspects.

There’s a large course content on the theory side but as long as you discipline yourself you’ll get it all done. Prioritisation is key with the home study. The tutors are all so friendly and all they want to do is see you succeed which is the most encouraging thing you could ask for.

I’m looking forward to level 2! Thank you!

Written by Sam Frith, (Osteopath, Essex, UK)

My experience with Animal Osteopathy International was as someone who was completely new to the equestrian world, and it has been amazing.

They team supports each students in the areas they lack knowledge,  or have insecurities. They always aim to get the most out of the student and their capabilities.

I am so happy that I after several episodes of cold feet, I got into it and learned from two really dedicated teachers.

I learned a lot in such a short time and pushed several boundaries, so I look forward to proceed on the next level. 

Written by Casper Anderson (Physical Therapist, Denmark)

Becoming a student with AOI is by far the best personal and career development decision I have ever made.  It has enhanced my way of thinking and observing our equine friends to a new level and I am excited for the future.  This personally for me will be a game changer in my practice for my clients as well as improving me as a person overall.  The course content is so in depth, but put across and taught to you in such a way that you are able to understand it without blowing your mind.  The tutors are true experts in their field, awesome people and do not hesitate to support you and assist you at any opportunity despite the current challenges that Covid has placed us all under.  I would highly recommend this Education provider to anyone who wants to work hard and better themselves as a person and a practitioner.

Written by Lucy Makepeace (Equine Rehabilitation Specialist)

I’ve just completed year one of the Diploma) in Canine Functional Osteopathy and would like to share my experience of this course.  
This course is great; one of the best courses I’ve ever done (and I’ve done a few). The course gives a comprehensive guide to canine musculoskeletal anatomy including practical work; canine gait observations, palpation, active and passive testing, soft tissue treatments, and fundamental osteopathy techniques; articulation, adaptive stretching and oscillations. 

I won’t lie, it’s a tough comprehensive course, lots of home activities to complete, quizzes, & webinars. The course finishes off with an amazing but intense 5 day practicum with a final viva which helps consolidate the learning.

So if you:

  • Want to learn fundamental practical osteopathy skills to incorporate in your practice to help improve the function & mobility of your canine patient. 
  • Are a canine anatomy geek. Want extremely passionate, knowledgable and helpful tutors, who go above and beyond their job description to help you learn. 
  • Want to study modules in the comfort of your home home at a pace that suits you. 
  • Want a student support group which help with any difficulties or issues you may have.  
  • Want to join a group of like-minded students with a close community feel. 
  • This is the course for you! 

Written by Lisa (Clinical Canine Therapist @East Midlands Clinical Canine Massage)