Visceral Considerations in the Equine Patient: The Endocrine and Urogenital system

Stage Level – III

Dates: 6th/7th November 2020

Location:  New Forest

Timetable: Daily: 9.30-16.30hrs. 

Number of CPD hours: 14 hours

Price:  £399

Internally validated by the European School of Osteopathy

Course structure: This 2 day theory/practical CPD workshop looks at the equine Endocrine and Urogenital systems, including structure, function, assessment and treatment approaches.

Awards: Those who attend this stand alone workshop be awarded an AOI/ESO Certificate of Attendance in The Equine Viscera: Endocrine and Urogenital systems, which will equate to 14 hours of CPD. 

Indicative content:

  • Functional anatomy and mechanics of the Endocrine and Urogenital systems and the importance of these structures 
  • Case history and taking and points of note which may suggest involvement of Endocrine and Urogenital systems
  • Considerations when approaching treating a canine patient with Endocrine and Urogenital system co-morbidities
  • Working alongside the vet to treat the MSk manifestations of Endocrine and Urogenital system issues
  • Treatment techniques aiming to influence/support the Endocrine and Urogenital systems
  • Treatment model approach to treatment of the Endocrine and Urogenital systems
  • Drawing conclusions to enhance the creation of high quality and effective treatment and management protocols
  • Modification of treatment in patients with Endocrine and Urogenital system co-morbidities

Who can apply: This course is for equine musculoskeletal professionals who have a strong knowledge of the equine patient,  or those training in the equine musculoskeletal profession who wish to develop their equine practice. Proof of prior experience and education is essential. 

International Students: We are happy to take national and international students but pleases do NOT book flights or hotels until the Director of Education has sent course confirmation. This is due to the high costs of this course and the need for minimum numbers. International delegates MUST be proficient in all aspects of the English language. The AOI will not be held responsible for any language challenges that arise.

Pre-requisites: Attendees must have completed a minimum of  Equine Level I /II AOI course or the equivalent and have provided AOI with mapped evidence of existing knowledge base with proof of certification from another educational provider. All applicants must have:

  1. A solid foundation of musculoskeletal and biomechanical knowledge of the equine model
  2. A solid equine musculoskeletal assessment process (which includes joint and soft tissue testing)
  3. Knowledge of Mobilisation and Balanced Ligamentous Tension/Balance Tissue Tension and Myofascial styles of treatment related to the equine patient
  4. Ability to apply soft tissue, stretching, articulation, mobilisations, Myofascial and Balanced Ligamentous Tension  techniques to the equine patient,
  5. Safe and confident handling of the equine model in an therapeutic manner. 

Please note: If you apply for this workshop, informing us that you are up to the required standard, and day it is clear to us that you are not, you will be asked to leave and attend an appropriate workshop before continuing. No refunds will be made for the course that you are attending at the time and if you are within a month of any other Level III courses which will also not be suitable (that you have signed up for), you will lose your deposit. As such, please ensure that you apply for the right level and do not “up-sell” yourself, to bypass Levels I/II. Doing so could be costly and is not professional. We will always do our very best to support your journey, but we do expect all applicants to be open and honest about their level of competence.

Costs and fees explained: Deposit: £150 (non-refundable after 6th September 2020) Final payment £249 (to be paid no later than 6th October 2020)
To hold a place on this workshop, you need to pay a holding deposit of £150.00 as soon as you have been accepted. This must be paid within 7 days of your acceptance email or you may lose your place. Your deposit is 50% refundable until the 6th September 2020, after which time it will become non-refundable due to the costs that we will incur.

Important information: Please read below… 

Please note that minimum numbers will be required in order to run this course. If minimum numbers are not met the AOI reserves the right to cancel the courseIf for any reason, AOI has to cancel the course, (either due to inadequate numbers or failure on the behalf of our third-party facilities), you will be refunded in full. However, as a result of having a minimum number requirement (due to the high cost nature of this course), we do not advise you to pay for any hotels, flights or travel arrangements in advance without cancellation options. AOI will not be held responsible for any costs incurred as a result of such pre-booking. 

Further information: Please contact the AOI team via email at: or complete the form below and ask for an application form.