A Career in Animal Osteopathy

Treat, travel, teach... It's all open to you with AOI

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If watching our video has sparked your interest in animal osteopathy, take a look through our lists of courses on the AOI website and be sure to subscribe to our course information newsletter, so that you are one of the first to be informed about our existing new workshops.

Our courses are divided up into canine and equine, because experience has taught us that many students have a natural preference for one group over the other. Also, whilst there are some similarities between horses and dogs, there are also many differences. Especially when it comes to environmental considerations, associated pathologies and orthopaedic variations.

We teach graduate students of all levels. From those who have undertaken a foundation level PG Certificate in Animal Osteopathy, and all the way through to experienced veterinary surgeons and ACPAT Physiotherapists. So, whatever your level of interest, there is likely to be a course that suits your needs. Once you’ve found what you want, feel free get in touch and we will help you to design a pathway of learning that suits your needs. Our international Academic Pathway is for those who want to become a Functional Osteopathic Practitioner, through an outstanding journey of learning. It is not for those who want a quick pathway to the treatment of animals, but rather discerning professionals who want the best educational available. 

With AOI you will attain an in-depth clinical education, that encompasses all aspects of veterinary medicine, that are pertinent to an animal osteopath. so that you can hold a qualification of which you will be proud. Osteopathy is not just a group of new techniques. It is an art, a science and a clinical mindset. So, if you’re serious about training in this field of osteopathic physical therapy, train with AOI, so you can gain from an experienced team of osteopaths and veterinary practitioners who truly embrace all that osteopathy can be.

Please note, that since COVID drove our courses online, we have seen great benefits for our international community. Consequently, we are upgrading and redeveloping all our courses, to bring you the best possible quality, whilst maintaining clinical safety and competency, through high quality practicums. As such, some of the details on the course content pages may change over the coming months and some courses may not yet be available to purchase. We will however, update followers via our blog and emails, so don’t forget to share your details. so that we can stay in touch.