Canine Osteopathic Conversion Course (COCC)

Becoming a COCC student, offers you the opportunity to bypass some content in AOI’s Academic Pathway. This is typically because you are already an experienced animal practitioner (such as an ACPAT physio, IAVC chiropractor, or a Vet Physio with a degree background and over a year in practice), competently using many of the techniques taught on year one of the Diploma Programme.

AOI sees no benefit forcing an established practitioner to revisit knowledge, assessments and treatments that they use in everyday practice, but if you have only just qualified, you may not be accepted (onto the EOCC) because our Level two Diploma Programme assumes that practitioners are comfortable and competent at working in clinical practice and are proficient in their techniques. 

If you hold a relevant animal degree and have already studied the fundamentals of canine manual therapy, such as health and safety, professional studies, canine handling, canine osteology, arthrology and myology etc., and have worked therapeutically with dogs for several years in clinical practice, you may well be eligible to apply for the Canine Osteopathic Conversion Course.

If you would like to be considered for this conversion course, please click on the prospectus image and complete the form. We will then send you a prospectus, and if you want one, an application form. We look forward to having you onboard! 

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