Information About Our Academic Courses.

Our students are bold, tenacious and resilient. They work hard because they don’t want to be average. They see value in being exceptional. They are aware that there are other schools of animal osteopathy, but they choose Animal Osteopathy International because we are the only school that truly embraces each student as an individual and will help them not only during, but after, their studies.

We encourage uniqueness in our students. We teach soft skills to expand our students’ non-clinical attributes. We offer a variety of teacing and assessment styles to suit different learners. We offer classes in business development, mindset, strategic direction and personal growth, to ensure we create fabulous individuals, not robots.

In a world with ever increasing numbers of “therapists” we believe that students need more than just a course. They need experienced mentors, people who actually care about their futures. A solid student experience, and the soft skills to expand into business. That is how our programmes are built, and why our courses are designed the way they are.

Our academic hybrid programmes are as close to a real life experience as you can get, studying from the comfort of your own home. Spending circa seven months online (for each year of student) with your new colleagues, you can chat, discuss and share any part of the course you want and our team will be there to support you.

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The online component looks like this:

  • You start the programme.
  • You are enrolled in a cohort.
  • You are enlisted into your new student community.
  • You will be issued with a study group in your timezone.
  • You will be given everything you need from a teaching resource point of view. You do not need to buy additional books.
  • You are given your own student diary, so you can plan your calendar months in advance.
  • You are advised to assign 10-15 weeks to your study – for a single pathway (600 hours total learning hours).
  • The vast majority of the time, you can watch the lecture videos in your own time; whenever you please.
  • You are advised to meet with your study group once a week. You can schedule this to suit.
  • Live events will be scheduled approximately once a month to discuss core topics of the month.
  • All students are issued with a portfolio to complete throughout their journey. Think of this like a life-map of your experience.
  • You will undertake a range of formative assessments online to ensure you are heading in the right direction. We don’t leave this to the very end, when it’s too late to add help where help is needed. We do it throughout the programme and organise additional tuition if it’s required.
  • During your online studies you will learn everything you need to know to prepare you for the first practicum.

The practicum looks like this:

  • When you arrive at one of the practicums, you will explore all the practical elements you have learned online.
  • The workshops are presented to fine-tune your hands, to build your confidence and to ensure your competency.
  • They are well-organised, to ensure that you cover everything you need, to prepare you for any assessments you have.
  • Time at the practicums is used wisely, and you hit the ground running. You will work hard but have fun at the same time.
  • Practicums run from 09:00 to 16:00 each day, to leave time for homework and all important down-time.
  • You will be given homework each evening to ready you for your assessments, because we want you to succeed.

Students undertake a range of formative and summative assessments during the the programme to ensure they have learned the content to a proficient standard and are safe and competent to assess and treat. This vital to your success as a professional practitioner.

How will the course help me?

Students who study with us report:

  • That they radically improve their palpation and evaluation skills.
  • They learn to know “why” they’re doing what they’re doing.
  • They learn to see early signs of dis-ease, which allows them to refer more effectively and catch underlying issues much earlier.
  • They are no longer blind to environmental or psychological issues impacting their patient’s health.
  • They see minor gait irregularities, allowing them to catch compensation patterns at a early stage.
  • They have solid theoretcal knowledge of anatomy, pathology, orthopaedics and neurology, which they learn to integrate.
  • They can perform specific muscle and joint testing to isolate specific regions needing treatment.
  • They can perform a thorough general health and neuro screen to evaluate each animal’s baseline health.
  • They feel safer in practice.
  • They know they have a team of colleagues to reach out to; people who actually care.
  • They expand their treatment options to suit a much broader audience.
  • They learn how to build solid businesses, focused on what they enjoy most.
  • They network more professionally for the betterment of the animals they treat.
  • They learn to prepare presentations, speak in public, write effective posts and grow their own business.

Private tuition is available for those who want additional support during the course.

Private 1-2-1 Coaching is also available for those who want 1-2-1 help with their business.

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