The conversion course for EEBWII practitioners

Equinology Functional Osteopathic Conversion Course

For Equinology practitioners who hold the EEBWII qualification (post-2015).

Equinology’s EEBWII pathway has been stringently evaluated by AOI, and shown to provide some of the highest quality of bodywork training available. Consequently, EEBWII graduates (post 2015) who have already undertaken extensive anatomical training and hands-on practice are welcome on our Diploma Programme via this conversion.

The key difference between the conversion and the regular Diploma pathway is that the anatomy classes have been removed, as have elements of the soft tissue and stretching modules.

If you would like to be considered for this conversion course, please click on the prospectus image and complete the form. We will then send you a prospectus, and if you want one, an application form. We look forward to having you onboard! 

Are you interested but want to know more about the workings of the course? If so, sign-up below and we will send you more information.