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Did you know, our courses run all year round?

From some of the recent emails we’ve received it’s evident that the set up of our courses isn’t obvious, so let’s keep it simple.

Almost all of our courses have an online element, so we can keep them open for purchase all year round. The only restriction is the number of people who join the International Academic Pathway (Canine or Equine Level One) and this because we have to manage practicum class numbers, so as to ensure high quality practical classes. Consequently, Level One recruits 36 canine and 36 equine students per year. 

Level Two modules can however, be taken as the practitioner requires and the L2 practicums are delivered twice a year to support these students. At present, we are allowing students to study Modules 1-3 (L2) before attending a practicum, as this saves on travel and costs, and therefore our carbon footprint.

The below courses are currently available to buy:

Please note: Level Two Module 1 (Osteopathic Studies Part II is open for purchase as a standalone CPD course or as part of the Level Two Pathway.

Applied Learning Theory Courses for Practitioners

These courses cover equine/canine learning theory and how to apply it to the equine/canine patient. It shows insight into the world of equine/canine  learning theory, which enables the practitioner to work with an accurate understanding of the equine patient. This knowledge radically enhances the efficacy of assessment and treatment, through the application of a skill set that so many manual therapists fail to learn. Completing this course will make you a better practitioner.  

These course have been written by the behavioural specialist, Bettina Hvidemose for the AOI community and can be purchased as standalone CPD or as part of the Academic Pathway. Excellent CPD for just £120 plus VAT/MOSS as applicable. 

Owner version also available for professionals to sell onto the clients. Ask for more details.
Owner version also available for professionals to sell onto the clients. Ask for more details.

Conversion courses for Professionals

Conversion Course for Equinology EEBWII graduates (post 2015)

The Equinology Institute underwent and robust evaluation process in 2020 with AOI to demonstrate to us, the excellence of the bodywork qualifications that they offer at the level of the EEBWII qualification. As such AOI developed a specialised conversion programme for their EEBWII graduates (post 2015) so that they can avoid unnecessary duplication of anatomical studies and the practical application of soft tissue and stretching techniques. All of which they undertake in their studies with Equinology. 

And a range of anatomy and orthopaedic CPD units

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Suitable for all who work with animals or are studying for a qualification. They are not necessary for AOI existing students as the content is covered within the course. Click on the image (left) to learn more about each course.

For CPD courses please write to us for an application form.