Equine Functional (Osteopathic) Conversion Course for EEBWII graduates

Amazing new career opportunity. Open to practicing EEBWII Equinology graduates.

From 2021, most Equinology EEBWII certified graduates have been able to join AOI through a new and exciting pathway of study. This means that Equinology graduates who hold the right qualifications, will be able to apply for AOI’s educational programmes, via a bespoke conversion course (the EFOCC) that allows Equinology graduates to bypass some (previously studied elements) of AOI’s Diploma Programme. This is because, Equinology’s EEBWII pathway has been stringently evaluated by AOI, and shown to provide the highest quality of bodywork training available. Consequently, EEBWII graduates who have already undertaken hundreds of hours of high quality anatomical training and hands-on practice, that far exceeds some of the human practitioners who typically join AOI courses, are welcome on our Diploma Programme. 

Although the AOI Team, has accepted qualified animal professionals to join their animal training pathways since 2016, it has always been a challenge, due to the variation in qualifications around the world. However, after a robust process of evaluation,  AOI confirmed that the standard of EEBWII graduates (post 2015) who have come from a degree background or have taken additional course in research and clinical methodology with Equinology, demonstrate exceptional capabilities as equine bodyworkers. That is why working with Equinology has been so exciting. It means that AOI can safely and confidently allow EEBW graduates onto the Diploma from day one, or EEBWII (post-2015) graduates to join via this conversion course. Both are warmly welcomed.

The conversion course (which is an amended version of year one of our Diploma programme), commences with an online programme of study (presentations, case study practice, videos and live webinars), followed by a high quality, small group intensive 8-day practicum (which is split into two, four-day events with a break in between for consolidation and review). This has been amended since 2022 when the practicum lasted 5-days only.

Students also complete an externship (in their home region), written assignments and practical assessments, before moving into year two of the Diploma. 

EFOCC students study alongside students from the standard Academic Pathway; this allows a more collegiate atmosphere. 

It is recommended that EFOCC students undertake the entire two-year Diploma to ensure they have the appropriate level of osteopathic training to practice autonomously and in a group practice. They can however, study the EFOCC on its own if they wish, as long as they understand that it is just the start of an educational journey. Starting this way does appeal to some students as they are able to dip their toe in the water, before committing to two-years of study. 

As a result of the timing involved, EFOCC students are expected to join a UK, Danish or Canadian programme in alignment with the standard entry Diploma students, but in the knowledge that they will not have as much anatomical content to cover within the online period. If however, an EFOCC student identifies areas of weakness during their studies, they can ask to purchase additional anatomy modules (additional fees apply).

Once the EFOCC students complete the conversion process, they join year two of the Diploma Programme. Once again, the online component is studied online, with the other Diploma students. Nine days of practicum are assigned to year two and these practical workshops are typically broken down into two to three practicum event. There is also an externship, assessments and clinical review. This process creates practitioners who are proficient, professional and safe in practice.

This amazing opportunity gives Equinology bodywork practitioners a chance to join AOI's professional Academic Pathway, to become an Equine Functional (Osteopathic) Practitioner. This is the ideal career opportunity for anyone who loves to work holistically and who wish to expand their clinical competence and scope of practice.
Dustie Houchin
Executive Director

Who can apply for the EFOCC?

Students who wish to attend the AOI Equine Functional (Osteopathic) Conversion Course (Equinology version) must have successfully completed the following:

1. The Equinology EEBWII certification: EQ50, EQ100, EQ103 (post-2015) and EQ900
2. EQ25 Study Skills and Critical Analysis Online Course, from/through Equinology, unless you have a degree background, in which case are not required to take this course. 

The course is taught in English by blended learning (that being online and with 8-days of practical workshops over 2 blocks of four-days. Transcripts of almost all videos accompany the online course content to assist those who do not speak English as a first language. IELTS 6.5 or above is still essential. The course must be taken on a laptop – not a smart-phone or tablet. 

If you are missing any of the above (Equinology) courses and would like to take advantage of this conversion course, please speak to Equinology who will help direct you. Email: office@equinenergy.com 
Please note: Students must check with their state and country veterinary boards for existing laws of practice before applying. 

Academic Pathway - the stages to becoming a Master Practitioner

The Equine Functional (Osteopathic) Conversion Course (EFOCC) replaces year one of the Diploma programme for EEBWII Equinology graduate. Once a student successfully completes the EFOCC, they enter year two. Successful completion of the Diploma programme, ensures that the practitioner is safe and competent to manage a range of standard clinical cases. The Advanced Diploma (year three) covers a full range of osteopathic techniques, allowing the practitioner to treat an extensive assortment of equine patients. 

what's included in the conversion course price?

The EFOCC course that has bespoke online components that have been chosen to support ongoing learning for those who have already studied anatomy, biomechanics, soft tissue and stretching techniques in some depthThis means that EFOCC students do not study the exact same content as a standard Certificate (or year one Diploma student), but it does mean you don’t repeat old-ground. 

The course takes a year to complete (equating to 470 total learning hours) and prospective students can join at different times of year – depending on when and where they want their practical workshops to take place. At this time (January 2023), we can guarantee spaces in the UK and Denmark and we are hoping to start the Canada version November 2023 with the eight-day practicum in the Autumn of 2024.
As an EFOCC student you will be treated like all other year one Diploma students; being included in the online community, so you never feel like an outsider. You will receive online lectures, access to hundreds of evergreen videos, live webinars, access to a Student Support Manager and a network of colleagues. Student activities, online quizzes and end of course tests, also ensure that you are kept on track as you work through the programme. Much of the course can be done in your own time, with some live events to help consolidate learning. This means that you will arrive at the practical workshops ready to hit the ground running. 

The 8-days of high-quality practical workshops are split into two blocks to give students a breather in between sessions. This is really important, as the practicums are intense and consolidation time is the key to long-term success. The UK and Danish practical workshops are set a few months apart e.g., April and July, but those run in Canada and New Zealand will run closer together, because the lecturers are only in the country for a set amount of time.

In addition to the online course and practicums, EFOCC students have access to Bettina Hvidemose’s Equine Applied Learning Theory course. This is included free within the EFOCC conversion course and must be completed before the practicums 

Because the EFOCC was designed after thorough review of the EEBWII course with Equinology Inc., student must realise that some elements are missing (compared to the standard programme). This causes some students to feel that they have missed out because they want the “whole package”. If you know yourself well and feel that this is likely to be the case for you too, you may be better off buying the standard year one Certification Programme instead and using the repetition as revision. Modules can be purchased separately, but this is not a cost-effective way to purchase the course. 

What does it mean to join AOI?

The EFOCC Conversion Course is the beginning of a high quality journey which can lead a student through AOI’s Academic Pathway if they wish.  

If you are accepted onto our programme, you should feel very proud indeed. We only seek practitioners who understand that each animal is unique and that protocols of treatment are not the way of the osteopath. They also understand that osteopathy is not just a range of new techniques; it is a philosophy for living and observing all that is around, and using that to help the animals we serve. 

Our students are also happy to acknowledge and embrace a new way of working as they engage with their osteopathic studies, and are not afraid of challenge or change.

Training with us means that you want to master the art and science of Osteopathy.

Osteopaths must have in-depth anatomical and pathological and biomechanical understanding of the animal (in order to do their job properly). This knowledge must then be mapped to a thorough understanding of all that affects the animal’s health. 

Osteopathy is not just a series of techniques to tag onto another discipline. To see osteopathy in this way, is missing the point entirely. 

Use of Titles: 

AOI does not endorse inappropriate use of the title “Osteopath” or “Osteopathy” in countries where it is illegal to use this title, without first being human trained (and often registered with a governing body). As this varies radically, country to country, please review your local situation before you apply, to avoid disappointment. 

Where students have studied our Academic Pathway and cannot use the title Equine Functional Osteopathic Practitioner, they should instead use Equine Functional Practitioner.

Price and Payment Options for the two-year programme (via the EFOCC)

EFOCC students are given an amended version of year one (of the Diploma) but it is suggested that they complete year two of the Diploma, to back to back with year two of the Diploma, to attain a solid osteopathic toolkit. This is because, without a human osteopathic background, there is much to learn to ensure you feel safe to work autonomously or in group practice. 

At this time (January 2023) we cannot confirm that the year two Diploma practicum option will be held in Canada (in 2025). This is because we ask our Canadian students at the end of their year one practicum (Autumn 2024), if they wish to commit to year two (2025). This ensures we have adequate numbers to run year two. We can however, promise is that year two practicums will run in the UK (annually) and in North Denmark (biennially). 

The UK and Denmark version of the EFOCC conversion course can be purchased for £3195.00 (exc. VAT) or by flexible payments as follows: A £500 (exc. VAT) initial payment (non-refundable) plus 11 payments of £245.00 (exc. VAT) per month for 11 additional months. 

The Canadian version of the EFOCC (starting early 2024) conversion course can be purchased for £3690.00 (exc. VAT) or or by flexible payments as follows: A £750 (exc. VAT) initial payment (non-refundable) plus 11 payments of £290.00 (exc. VAT).

The UK and Denmark version of the whole two-year Diploma (with EFOCC instead of the standard year one) is £6846.00 (exc. VAT) or by flexible payments as follows: A £500 (exc. VAT) initial payment (non-refundable) plus 11 payments of £576.90 (exc. VAT) per month for 11 additional months.

PLEASE NOTE: Additional expenses, incurred through travel, accommodation and food for these events will be at the students own expense and apply to all courses and payment options. 

2023 Enrolment for Conversion Course Now Open


If you would like to apply for the Equine Functional Osteopathic Conversion Course (EEBWII graduates only)

Want to talk to someone first?

We are very happy to talk to prospective students about the EFOCC. However, we do ask that you first read the website, which has almost everything you need to know about the courses we offer. We also ask that if you book a session, you are serious about wanting to join us as a student and just have a couple of specific questions to ask. Select your date and session time below.