Level Two Pathway Explained

Let's talk about Level Two

14 modules make up the Level Two pathway and commencements must be preceded be either an AOI  conversion course or a professional qualification in animal osteopathy. Modules 1-7 typically take a year to complete part-time and Modules 8-14 the same. 

Osteopathy is a comprehensive system of healthcare that encompasses the whole being. As such, it is essential that anyone studying osteopathic techniques for animals must be well read in anatomy, orthopaedics, neurology and the pathological processes that cause maladies in the animal group being studied. That is why we don’t teach both equine and canine together. 

Level two (compulsory modules) comprise 7 modules that complete the baseline toolkit for an animal practitioner.

Level two in its entirety ensures that practitioners can assess and treat a wide range of maladies, safely and competently. In these modules, students will learn how to integrate osteopathic concepts, advanced limb, and spinal assessment. They will also learn how general health screening, pathophysiology, functional neurology and advanced limb/spine and neurological testing. Furthermore, students will be taught Balanced Ligamentous Tension for the animal patient, veterinary intervention, and advanced clinical reasoning.  

L2 Module One is now on sale. If you wish to apply, please contact us for an application form. 

Level Two courses are intended for those with prior experience in the relevant animal pathway i.e., canine or equine. They are also open to existing animal osteopaths and other animal professionals who can demonstrate Level One competences and/or fulfil all entry criteria. 

As stated, conversion courses are available for those with prior learning at degree level, and some of the modules may also be taken in isolation as CPD units. However, students will only be awarded a certificate of completion until the entire pathway is complete. Please note, prerequisites still apply to those who wish to attend level two modules in isolation. This information can be found on each module page. 

Module One gets right into the heart of the art and science of osteopathy, discussing its models and principles in depth, mapped and suited to the animal patient. If you treat animals osteopathically, you want to buy this module. Part II extends from that taught at Level One. If you have not completed AOI’s Level One (post 2019) we would urge you to buy both Part I and Part II together, as they compliment each other. If you wish to do this, please contact us directly.

This module makes for interesting CPD for existing animal osteopaths who wish to extend the way they look at the animal patient before them.  It is an online course, but the concepts and ideas discussed within it get utilised and extended throughout the Level Two Pathway. 

For more information about Module One of L2 please click below. 

Students who successfully complete the Diploma Pathway, can go onto the Advanced Diploma Pathway.

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