Equine Conversion Course

Equine Osteopathic Conversion Course (EOCC)

Becoming an EOCC student, offers you the opportunity to bypass some of AOI’s Level One Pathway. This is typically because you are already an experienced animal practitioner (such as an ACPAT physio or IAVC chiropractor, with a degree background), competently using many of the techniques taught at level one. AOI sees no benefit forcing an established practitioner to revisit knowledge, assessments and treatments that they use in every day practice, but if you have only just qualified, you may not be accepted (onto the EOCC) because our Diploma pathway assumes that the practitioner is comfortable working in clinical practice.

The equine conversion course includes the following modules from Level I. These can all be taken online, so you will just need a stable internet connection. At this time, these modules will be released to the student, as they are released to the next equine cohort, which will commence near the beginning of 2021.

Module 1   Osteopathic Studies – Part I;

Module 2   Equine Perception and Communication; 

Module 9   Functional anatomical integration of the equine patient; 

Module 14 Osteopathic integration of the whole patient;

Module 15 Case based discussion.

You will need to complete all module content and associated quiz tests. This will allow you (and AOI) to evaluate your level of understanding and learning. The pass mark for the quiz tests are 70%.

In addition to the above, the EOCC student will be asked to provide evidence of the following, (which will be reviewed by the AOI team to guarantee suitability of you as a prospective Level II student);

  1. An example of your current case history form. This should include: all history findings, examinations, working hypothesis, treatment and your treatment and management plan. We will ask you to remove ALL personal data so that neither the animal nor its owner are identifiable. This activity is requested so that we can see evidence of your clinical thinking, analysis, approaches and considerations when working with an equine patient. If your case histories are handwritten, we will ask that you ensure that you use one that is fully legible to an external reader. And, if you have used abbreviations or shorthand within your case history, you will be asked to include a glossary of terms with your documentation.
  2. Video footage of you undertaking a full passive assessment of a given area (as you would on a new patient) so that we can observe your current methodology and approaches.
  3. Video footage of you undertaking a minimum of 4-5 cycles of articulation to a given region. Then separately, demonstrate 4 direct soft tissue techniques (e.g. petrissage, cross fibre, longitudinal, tapotement etc.) to 4 different muscles; commencing with a clear description of the muscle you wish to treat, its origin and insertion (whilst standing safely away from the horse). Lastly, we will ask that you demonstrate 2 direct stretching techniques. These activities allow AOI to observe your current knowledge, style and assessment/treatment approaches. 

Videos must then be returned to the AOI, either via a Dropbox folder or via WhatsApp. Once you have sent the videos across, we ask that you send a confirmation email to inform the AOI I team of your transfer method.

Total Price £399.00*

The above activities can be taken in any order. One may first complete the assessments and then the online modules (and quizzes), or the other way around. However, once all aspects of the EOCC have been completed, the Programme Director will arrange to meet with you (remotely) by Skype or Click Meeting, to discuss the outcome and how you wish to proceed. If you have been successful in the EOCC, you will be invited to attend the Day 0 of the practicum at the start of the level II pathway. This will allow AOI’s teaching team to work with any areas of identified weakness, before the first practicum event, so that we can be certain that you are ready to embark on level II. Day 0 is charged to EOCC students at the same rate as all other students but will only be charged if you are successful in the EOCC. The fee being £250. 

* If an EOCC student is successful and invited to level II’s Day 0, they will be expected to pay the additional fee of £250 to attend the Day 0 Preparatory Practicum.  This must be completed before the practitioner can move into level two. 

To apply, contact the Programme Director