Equine Osteopathic Conversion Course (EOCC)

If you hold a relevant degree and have already studied the fundamentals of equine manual therapy, such as health and safety, professional studies, equine handling, equine osteology, arthrology and myology etc., and have worked therapeutically with horses for several years in clinical practice, you may be eligible to apply for the Equine Osteopathic Conversion Course.

Price: £522.00 plus VAT or VATMOSS where applicable. Successful students will then be expected to attend a practicum session, which is charged before booking.

Timeframe allowed for completion: Maximum 6 months.

Becoming an EOCC student, offers you the opportunity to bypass some of AOI’s Level One Academic Pathway, through the process of prior learning. This is typically because you are already an experienced animal practitioner (such as an ACPAT physio or IAVC chiropractor, with a degree background), competently using many of the techniques taught at Level One. AOI sees no benefit forcing an established practitioner to revisit knowledge, assessments and treatments that they use in every day practice, but if you have only just qualified, you may not be accepted (onto the EOCC) because our Level two Diploma pathway assumes that the practitioner is comfortable and competent at working in clinical practice.

Firstly, students of the Equine Osteopathic Conversion Course must study following modules from Level one. These can all be taken online, so students must have a desktop or laptop computer and a stable internet connection. 

Modules for completion: 

Module 1   Osteopathic Studies – Part I;

Module 2   Equine Perception and Communication; 

Module 4  Osteopathic Case History Taking;

Module 9  Functional anatomical integration of the equine patient; 

Module 14 Osteopathic integration of the whole patient;

Module 15 Case based discussion.

In addition to the above, EOCC students must take all Level One quizzes (which have a pass mark of 70%). This will allow you (and AOI) to evaluate your level of understanding and learning. 

Secondly, EOCC student will be asked to provide video evidence of a range of clinically relevant examples that will be assessed  to ensure student suitability as a prospective Level Two student). 

Once all aspects of the EOCC have been successfully completed, the Programme Director will arrange to meet with the student (remotely)to discuss the outcome. If the student has been successful in the EOCC, they will be expected to invited to the Day 0 practicum at the start of the Level Two Diploma Pathway. The fee for which is currently £250.00. This will allow AOI’s teaching team to work with any areas of identified weakness or significant difference, before the first practicum event. This will ensure that all conversion students are ready to embark the Diploma Pathway with existing AOI students. 

If you wish to check the entry criteria for Level Two, click HERE

To Apply: 

Write to AOI on contact@animalosteopathyinternational.com