Centre of Animal Therapy

Centre for Dyreterapi

The Center for Animal Therapy

  • Founded in 2009
  • Four employees and 10 supplementing freelance teachers
  • Based in Hirtshals, Denmark
  • Also associated with Nordisk Hundemassjeskole in Norway

Also includes clinics:

  • Behavioural consulting for horse – and dog owners
  • Body Work and Rehabilitation for dogs and horses

Other fields of work                     undertaken:

  • Consulting and teaching behaviour, learning theory and animal welfare for Zookeepers
  • Training and enrichment of the seals at the North Sea Oceanarium
  • CDP courses for therapists, vets and vet nurses in Denmark and Norway
  • Publishing of literature and articles in Danish
  • Translating English literature into Danish

Available Programmes:

  • Certified Professionel Dog Trainer (Hundeadfærdsinstruktør)
  • Certified Professionel Horse Training Consultant (Hestetræningskonsulent)
  • Animal Behaviour Consultant – Applied Animal Behaviour Canine- and/or Equine Pathway (Dyreadfærdskonsulent)
  • Equine Massage Therapist (hestemassør)
  • Equine Body Worker (Fysiurgisk Hesteterapeut)
  • Advanced Equne Body Worker (Fysiurgisk Hesteterapeut MasterClass)
  • Canine Body Worker (Fysiurgisk Hundeterapeut)

Approved by:

PETbc (behaviour & training) and IICT & IEBWA (body work and rehabilitation)

AOI courses by Bettina Hvidemose

Introduction to learning theory for practitioners

Introduction to learning theory for owners

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