Equine Applied Learning Theory 2021

Fireside Chat with Bettina Hvidemose

Join Bettina for an insight into her career as a behaviourist and osteopath and learn how Applied Learning Theory can help you to aid the relationship with your horse (and equine patients).



Bettina is an animal behaviour therapist and manual therapist/osteopath based in Hirtshals, Denmark. Together with her team of colleagues she runs “Center for Animal Therapy” offering animal training, behavioural consultations, manual treatments and rehabilitation for dogs and horses. In addition, Bettina and her team teach a variety of courses within the field.

Bettina graduated her BSc in Applied Animal Behavior in 2006 and has a special interest in the result of physical challenges on animal behaviour, (and thus, how many behavioural issues are actually the consequence of pain and/or physical restrictions). Following her interest, Bettina went on to expand her knowledge of physical medicine for animals, the biomechanics and the treatment thereof, so that she now holds qualifications, not only in animal behaviour but also in various approaches to manual therapy. In 2018, Bettina completed the Level 1 and 2 pathways, (both canine and equine) with Animal Osteopathy International and is now a member of the international teaching team. 

Bettina is passionate about improving animal welfare from a holistic point of view, including mind and body. Dogs, horses and cats are included in Bettina’s everyday practice and teaching field. As a curiosity, she also works with marine mammals, applying ethology and learning theory to enrichment and husbandry training for seals.