Study Tip #1 – Create a space that inspires

We have created a series of Study Tips for our own students, and we thought they might be useful to other students too. Feel free to share.

In this first tip, we highlight the importance of private workspace. Since COVID, many people have worked from home, and this often means you don’t get the personal time you need to breathe. 

To study effectively, we need space. 

Space to breathe, listen to music that inspires, and study without interruption. 

Plan today to work on your study space this weekend, so that it reflects a sense of purpose and feels uncluttered. 

Purchase that laptop stand and keyboard that you’ve been meaning to for months, a new lamp or good quality chair. Whatever you need to make your space comfortable. 

And explain to other family members that when you’re in your man-cave, you’d like to be left alone. 

Happy studies, 

Dustie x