Do you want to become an Animal Osteopath?

We are now enrolling for the 2023-2024 NZ, Danish and UK versions of the Certificate Programme and the Diploma Programme.

We have two pathways at each level, canine and equine. The Diploma Programme is a two-year hybrid course. The Certificate Programme is a one-year course, that is essentially year one of the Diploma Programme. They are not two different courses. Students typically chose the Certificate Programme because they find the cost of the Diploma prohibitive.

Students of the Certificate and Diploma, study together, so that in the event you sign up for the Certificate and want to carry on your studies at the end of the year, you can do so with the exact same students. This ensures flow in the community and avoids you feeling alone.

Becoming an animal osteopath is a hugely rewarding career. Not only can you help animals for a living, but you can also broaden the scope of your practice, which is really important in today’s challenging economy. In our prospectus we tell you more about AOI, the types of students who fit best on our courses and how the course is laid out. We also tell you about the fees, payment plans and what to expect from the programme.

Flexible payments are available, fee free, to help you attain your dream career. We also have a private subscription membership to those who really find it hard to raise the funds to study. More details can be provided upon request. So, if you really want to study with us, we will do what we can to help.

Once accepted, you can hold a place on the UK or Denmark course today for just £500 (exc. VAT) and start paying for the rest of the course over 11 months. This is possible only for those who start paying for the course on or before March 1st 2023.

Certificate students who sign up after March 2023, will have less than 11 months to spread the cost because it is only a one-year course and you must have paid for the course a month before the first practicum in April 2024. Ask for clarification if required or read the application form upon arrival.

If you think you might like to join us, why not order a 2023 prospectus today. Click on the link below. We will send you an application form at the same time, so you can read some of the key information about joining AOI.