Study Tip #2 – Sleep Health

Today’s Study Tip is about setting yourself up to succeed by sleeping well. 

Many students try to fit far too much into a day, cramming their studies in at the end of a long day of work, when they’d prefer to snuggle up in front the TV. Then, because they feel guilty, they stay up late, burning the night oil. This is not a strategy for success.

Following these simple tips, alongside a good study, diet and exercise routine will make a LOT of difference to your success. You will feel refreshed, more creative, and able to face new information with motivation. More importantly, you will retain what you learn, and it will feel like fun; something that is vital when studying for years at a time.

Intense programmes of study will also expect you to communicate with the other students on your cohort and engage with activities; this all takes time. If you let these sorts of things build up, you will soon feel overwhelmed, and your sleep will suffer.

That’s why it’s important to make the time for the things that add value to your world and really count. It’s impossible to do all the things you did before the course, and expect it to work out, because the chances are, it won’t.

Tip number one is to make time from the start, for your studies. This will mean you can go to bed on time, feeling stress-free and rest assured that you’ve done everything you needed to do and are on track. This is a really nice place to be.

Additionally, getting regular healthful sleep will ensure that you wake up every day, feeling fighting fit, not wishing you could clamber back under the bedclothes. This is vital if you have a physical job. 

As someone who has worked and studied for 14+ hours a day for many years, I can tell you that if you don’t look after your sleep pattern, you will burn out – you will also end up with many more wrinkles than you need 🤣

Have a great day! 

Dustie x