Equine Osteopathic Diploma (UK version) Starting 1st September 2022

A once a year opportunity to train with AOI in the UK

Our two-year Diploma programme is intended for clinical practitioners, such as vets, vet techs, osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists and similarly qualified professionals. It is taught at higher education level 6 and 7 over two years and equates to 1200hrs of total learning. 

The course is taught via blended learning with online theory and hundreds of hours of demonstrative videos, plus two high quality consolidated practicums taught by an exceptional osteopathic teaching team. 

Year one offers practitioners who are new to equine osteopathy a robust baseline knowledge from which to move into the year two. With the theoretical element being taught online and a consolidated 5-day practicum taken circa 7 months after the start date. 

Year two offers an opportunity to consolidate year one’s learning, whilst enhancing the practitioners assessment skills and range of techniques. This give each student a solid foundation in functional osteopathic therapy, so that they can assess and treat a wide range of maladies, safely and competently. The theoretical element of year two is taught online and a consolidated 12-day practicum with review activities is taken circa 7 months after the start date.

For more information, check out the course page

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