Join us because you’re looking to excel.

AOI is founded on the desire to provide the highest quality of education in the field of animal functional therapy/osteopathy to those who want to learn the classical components of osteopathy with all the various elements that create this wonderful art and science. We cover all areas of traditional osteopathy within our programmes and teach from a perspective of osteopathic principles and concepts. Techniques such as balanced ligamentous tension, adjustments, general articulatory technique and visceral have all been modified for the animal patient. This ensures that our graduates can assess and treat with a full range of skills and feel assured of their clinical competency.

We’re not the cheapest and our Diploma programmes require time and engagement. But, along the way, you will learn new concepts, techniques and approaches to broaden your professional horizons and you will attend practicums with teachers who will enhance your clinical skill set. you will also make life-long professional friends, have teachers who truly care about your future and a clinical framework from which to excel in a busy marketplace.

AOI students go on to write for magazines, run top London practices, start their own schools, and attain PhDs. That’s because we train them not only as clinicians, but as competent business people, who can stand up for themselves in a highly competitive market.

Join AOI today, not to learn techniques, but because you know inside there’s so much more you can achieve. We look forward to supporting your journey.

Courses now open for enrolment:

Equine Diploma – starting 1st September 2022 (UK practicums) 

Equine Diploma – starting 5th September 2022 (New York State practicums)

Canine Diploma – starting 24th October 2022 (UK practicums)

Introduction to Animal Osteopathy (with Greek translation) – April 1st and 2nd 2023.

Equine Osteopathy for Veterinary Physiotherapists – Integration and Modification Part I – Spring 2023

Canine Osteopathy for Veterinary Physiotherapists – Integration and Modification Part I – Spring 2023

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