Supporting our community in COVID

Supporting Students During COVID.

Study without travel until it's safe.

We realise that some students have no idea when they can attend the UK for a practicum, so AOI is adapting accordingly to support its community. If you would like to study with us, but would prefer to pay for your practicum just before you commit to travel, we will allow you to do so. MCP students will continue to get priority booking, but with several practical points per year – and the opening of International Academic Pods in 2021/2022 – there will be plenty of opportunity to qualify. 

If you would like to take advantage of this method, just tick in the Online Enhanced Interaction Pathway (OEIP) when you complete the application form. This option will be available on all pathways until global travel is open to all once more.

You can also study 1-2-3… courses with us – online content – before attending too, so that you can study more content in one visit. 

We hope this helps 🙂