The Doors Are Now Open – But Not For Long!

We are pleased to announce that the doors are now open for our 2022 Equine UK Diploma Programme.

We accept only 12 lucky people onto our UK programme each year, because we believe in offering a bespoke experience.

Start date: September 2022

Year One Practicum: April 2023

Length: Two-years part-time

Total Learning Hours: 1200hrs

Academic Level of Teaching: UK level 6 and 7

Year one practicum: 5-days back to back

Year two practicum: 12-days back to back

The course is open to: Vets, Senior Vet Nurses, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists. Veterinary Physiotherapists may also join or enter year two via our equine conversion course. Skilled equine bodyworkers will be considered on a case by case basis.

We also accept exceptional osteopathic and physiotherapy students in the final year of University. Ask for more details.

This programme is for practitioners who want to get the very best training in animal osteopathy and are willing to work hard to get a qualification that can be proud to own.

For more information about the Diploma Pathway, please go to the EQUINE PATHWAY PAGE

The cost of the Diploma can be found on the associated pages. Flexible payments are available. VAT applies to all UK applicants and non-business consumers from outside the UK.

If you just want to talk to someone about the programme, please email us on