The Medicine Chest of Life

The Animal Contains Its Own Medicine Chest

By Eleanor Andrews

As we observe the horse or dog, we come to realise that its body contains a wide spectrum of drugs and a medicine chest, which allows it to maintain homeostasis and self-healing abilities.

The body, in fact, has all the necessary remedies to ensure excellent health. This medicine chest is made up of the immune system, blood, fluid, macrophages, T cells, and B cells – all of which play a crucial role in maintaining good health.

These immune system cells are capable of moving throughout the body, into the interstitial spaces via the blood and fluid.

It is these cells that can detect and fight off any pathogens or antigens that they do not recognise. These systems are innately built into the body, forming the medicine chest of an individual. Therefore, we can say that the animal’s body is an example of remarkable natural technology that has evolved over time to ensure its survival.

When it comes to osteopathic application, it is important to understand that we can play a role in cases where the body’s natural healing and regulatory power is reduced due to a potential functional disturbance.

Osteopathic treatment can be used to support and enhance the body’s system, thereby assisting it in healing itself faster.

For instance, if a system has undergone excessive stress or has had too many musculoskeletal issues that impede its ability to heal, osteopathic treatment can come in to alleviate some of these issues.

That the body has its own self-regulatory and self-healing mechanism is a key cornerstone of osteopathic understanding and is used in the assessment and treatment of individuals.


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