Helping Our Community

What do you need to grow? 

Educational options to help you as people and practitioners.

We are aware that our community is diverse (owners, trainers, vets, vet physios, animal osteopaths etc.), and we know that not everyone wants (or has the time and money) to study a two-year programme in animal osteopathy. 

Consequently, we would love to hear from you to find out what YOU NEED – Be that as a veterinary student, a practitioner, a young person who wants to train in a veterinary science at a later date or as an owner. Whoever you are, we would like to help if we can. 

You do not have to be an osteopath or animal osteopath to answer this question; we want to hear from all of you. 

We’ve been working on a number of projects over the last year and decided, before launching, to ask which you (personally) which you would find most useful. At this stage, the options we have are as follows:

1. Core courses – Certificate & Diploma (Equine or Canine)

2. Level Three Animal Osteopathy Modules e.g., Visceral Osteopathy, Head, hyoid and TMJ, Manipulations and mobilisations and Biodynamic and Biomechanical Cranial Approaches.

3. Online version of the theory taught in our Certificate & Diploma – with an option to bolt on the practical workshops at a later date.

4. Standalone webinars/lectures – on specific topics – LIVE.

5. Standalone webinars/lectures – on specific topics – EVERGREEN (to watch whenever you want)

6. Study aids for students e.g., digital revision tools, short live chats about set topics etc.

7. Membership platform for £xx/month with access to multiple lecture series.

8. Conversion Courses for veterinary physiotherapists with online theory and live practical events.

9. Snap-shot information via podcast – 5-10 minutes of information on a specific topic to listen to in your car.

10. Digital books on set topics – for review, revision, and interest

11. Educational Material for you to use with owners.

12. Snap-shot information via our blog that you can read anytime.

13. LIVE face-to-face enhancement practice days – to fine tune your hands.

14. LIVE face-to-face practical events to teach a specific technique.

15. Personal expansion or business/marketing workshops by Dustie to help you grow as an individual and as a business owner. 

16. Any of the above – translated into your own language. 

If any of these items are of interest to you, please drop into our Facebook community and IN THE COMMENTS SECTION below the post (that looks just like this one), tell us which options you would be most interested in purchasing and which topics you would find most useful. You can add other ideas too if you wish! If you’re not based in the UK and you would like us to run any of the practical events in your home country, please tell us where that is.

It would also help us to know your background i.e., owner, practitioner, trainer etc., so that we can pitch content appropriately.

We hope that by diversifying, we can help more people to help the animals we all love.

Happy Monday.

Dustie x