News Flash – New Danish Division

In August 2021, the Centre for Animal Therapy (Center for Dyreterapi) in Hirtshals, Denmark, became AOI’s first European Divisional Partner. The Centre is owned by Bettina Hvidemose Riisberg who has known the AOI team for many years. She first met the team when she came to the UK to train in animal osteopathy, and has an extensive background of animal behaviour, training and manual therapy, in association to a career as a lecturer and academic.

The synergy of experience and ethos that exists between the two schools, made the Center an excellent choice of location for AOI’s Scandinavian student base. Furthermore, this connection allows AOI to share its osteopathic and functional knowledge base with graduates of the Center for Dyreterapi, through specific CPD and advanced courses, and Bettina will also become a more regular face at AOI events, alongside her colleague, Majken Pedersen. 

Having a Division in Denmark means that Danish and Scandinavian students who wish to study AOI’s Diploma in Canine and/or Equine Osteopathy, are able to train closer to home without the challenges of travelling back and forth to the UK for the practicums.

The first practicum will run in May 2022. This means that prospective students ideally need to commence the programme no later than the 1st October 2021 to give a 6 months for the online component of Level One (that being the first half of the Diploma programme). 

All the online components of AOI courses come with supporting transcriptions, so that they can be easily translated into your home language. The Danish practicum in 2022 will also have a local speaking lecturer onsite to help with clarification.

This course is open to osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, vets, and veterinary professionals. Although non-osteopaths may need to title themselves an Equine or Canine Functional Practitioner after graduation, in line with local regulations and laws.

If you are interested in studying Animal Osteopathy, please write to AOI on


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