Last chance to join Canine Level 1

This course is the fundamental building block of all our practitioner level canine programmes and aims to offer practitioners a robust baseline knowledge from which to grow as a canine therapist. Successful completion and comprehension of the content will give practitioners all they need to enter our Level II canine courses with confidence.

Open to a range of animal professionals and osteopaths, physiotherapists and veterinary surgeons. If you want to join, but are unsure as to whether you can do so, just drop us a line:

Indicative Content:

Online Elements

  1. Introduction and professional communications;
  2. Dog handling and canine paces;
  3. Osteopathic concepts for the canine patient;
  4. Palpation practice;
  5. Canine behavioural science;
  6. Case history taking and report writing;
  7. Global assessment, gait and active assessment;
  8. Forelimb anatomy (arthrology, osteology and myology), orthopaedic considerations and forelimb assessment;
  9. Hindlimb anatomy (arthrology, osteology and myology), orthopaedic considerations, hindlimb and assessment
  10. Thoracic and lumbar anatomy (arthrology, osteology and myology), orthopaedic considerations and assessment;
  11. Cervical anatomy (arthrology, osteology and myology), orthopaedic considerations and cervical assessment;
  12. Integration of the dog as a whole (bonus content)
  13. Soft tissue theory and application;
  14. Stretching theory and application;
  15. Joint articulation theory and application;
  16. Osteopathic integration;
  17. Creating treatment plans, home management advice and considerations,
  18. Summary and consolidation of learning.

The Practicum Event

In addition to the above online content, students will attend a 3-4 day high quality practicum, to consolidate learning, review and practice all assessments and techniques, and complete their summative clinical assessments.

For more information, go to our course page: HERE

Price: £1999 or £175/ month for 12 months – fees apply

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