Our doors are now open to non-osteopaths.

Who can apply for AOI Level I and II courses?

Owing to the changes in the political landscape of animal manual therapy and therapeutics in the UK and Europe, the AOI has begun to open its doors to non-osteopaths. As such, this course is now open to all those that have a veterinary or professional therapeutic background (such as vets, veterinary nurses, osteopaths, physiotherapists, advanced bodywork therapists etc.). It would also be suitable for final year students, from any of the mentioned disciplines. BUT, we would recommend that anyone who purchases the course be comfortable around dogs, have some experience handing them and enough clinical competence to understand the professional commitment that they are entering into.Students who purchase the Masterclass Pathway, will be reviewed by the AOI because we want to make sure that those who apply, are [at least] likely to succeed with the right amount of commitment. And on the flip side of that, we want to make sure that someone hasn’t purchased the course, when it is likely to be far too ease for them (based on their background).

Each case will be considered individually and the AOI reserves the right to enforce the need for Day 0 attendance (which means that you will have to attend an additional preparatory day at the practical clinic). This will only happen if we believe that you are likely struggle with the practical contents of the course and potentially be unsuccessful in the completion of your certification. This is typically the case for students who have little or no hands on therapeutic experience with dogs, and can include practitioners such as vets or vet nurses (owing to the fact that whilst they assess dogs, they don’t  treat them with manual medicine, which demands listing hands and fine palpation. 

Such cases will be discussed with the student when first they apply, if their background is highlighted on application or if their professional background is known (by the AOI) to typically result in hands-on challenges e.g. a canine hydrotherapist who has very little in the way of fine change palpation or manual therapy experience. 
We aim is to provide the right education to the right student, but we also trust that our prospective students will read course content carefully.
If I have past experience, can I skip certain modules? 
We thought long and hard about this question, so we have come up with the very best solution for everyone. We appreciate that it won’t suit everyone, but after 8 years of delivering courses, we know that most everyone benefits from revision and few who sign up for a level one course have enough osteopathic appreciation of the canine patient, to skip whole modules. On this basis, we have decided that all Masterclass Pathway (MCP) and Online Enhanced Interaction students, must engage with the following activities (see pathway options on the course page HERE for more details): 

1. All prospective students must read the course page clearly, so that they understand the content and level of commitment. Choosing the pathway that best suits THEIR needs;

2. All prospective students must sign a declaration to say as such, when they join the programme; 

3. Once signed up, students have the liberty to watch whatever content they see fit – although we strongly advise that you watch all lectures in full, (no mater what your background), because revision and review can only make you a better practitioner and no one remembers everything; 

4. At the end of every module, there is a mini assessment quiz. All students must attain 70% or above before the next module block is released. This means that if you want to skip a module’s lecturers and webinars (and just take the assessment), you have the option to do so. But, you must still attain 70% plus on the assessment to move forward in the course;  

5. At the end of the online programme, MCP students only will be asked to sign up for the 3 or 4 day practicum in the UK. Other locations maybe offered but, at this time, students must assume that they have to come to the UK. More information can be found on our website: Click HERE.

6. As the MCP is a certified course, no exemptions can be made for attendance to the practical clinics. If you wish to attain certification, you need to attend in full and pass the practical assessments (Pass mark 60%). 

7. All those who purchase this particular course are expected to pay the full amount – whether in one payment or 6). You are at liberty to skip over content if you honestly feel that you know it already and well enough to pass the assessments (although we suggest strongly that you don’t).

What you must understand is that the AOI will not issue refunds (after the first 30 day refund policy period (that is issued by Teachable.com). So, if you think the course not be suitable, we suggest instead that you look at the next level up or even consider one of our standalone workshops (which we hope to release later this year). We hope you find this useful and look forward to you studying with us in the near future. 

To read more on the AOI website about this course, click HERE