Welcome to the AOI – introduction

The AOI is founded on education and the welfare of animals. That is why our goal is to improve the lives of thousands of animals, whether that be here in the UK, or in less advantaged countries, where hiring a “therapist” is out of the question. We also want to inspire animal practitioners to keep on learning. Not stop at the first post. A postgraduate certificate is a great achievement, but like passing a driving test, it is just the start. That is why we offer a range of high quality CPD courses for all levels of interest. Run by people who really know their stuff.

We don’t just sell courses. We support owners, practitioners, trainers and charities. The teaching team is made up of a vibrant group of individuals who care deeply about animals and their care. That is why we work together.

Recently, we have been welcoming and informing new Facebook and Instagram followers through a series of AOI posts. If you would like to read them, they can be found on our blog page. For more information about our work, our team and the courses we provide for professionals, please explore the course pages. We also have a series of owner workshops too. Dates for which, will be announced shortly.

In addition to the blog posts, we have been promoting animal education through our work locally. This is being done via our clinical brand, New Forest Animal Osteopathy. Eleanor Andrews will be delivering local equine and canine evening talks and day long workshops for owners in the New Forest region who want to learn more about their animals and how they can help them. Further details can be found at: https://newforestanimalosteopathy.com/courses-and-workshops/

Eleanor Andrews of AOI also practices as an animal osteopath in The New Forest area. For more information regarding treatment of your animal, please do to: https://newforestanimalosteopathy.com/