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Osteopathic Approach to the Equine Patient – Level I

What to do now – Listen to the video – click below.

If you are interested in applying for Osteopathic Approach to the Equine Patient Level I – please read carefully the following information and then complete the adjoining application form at the bottom of this page. If you have not done so before now, please do go through the course pages carefully, so that you are fully informed about the course before you complete the application form.

Applications for the 2020 cohort will commence on the 8th August 2020. The first modules will be released on the 24th August 2020 (or thereafter, in-line with your joining date, until the 5th September 2020 ). The first online webinar will take place on the 3rd October 2020 @ 09:00hrs BST , to give students time to settle in, undertake their online studies for the month, and any requested activities. It is not essential that students complete all elements of the online content before attending the live webinar, and recordings will be made available for your ease.

Important Notice

Please note that the information found on this page is critical to your application (and attendance) and you will be asked to sign the application form once completed, to confirm your agreement. On this basis, if you do not fully understand the text of this page, we would urge you to have it translated into your own language before signing.

Course Options – At Level I there are three course options:

  1. Masterclass Pathway (MCP) – Certificate of Competence – Level I;
  2. Online Enhanced Interaction (OEI) – Certificate of Completion;
  3. Online only – Document of completion.

Please read our website carefully to be clear about the differences before you make your final decision, as you cannot move from Online Only to the other course options at a later date because of the necessity of ongoing assessments and feedback that is required for graduates of the OEI and MCP. 

Acceptance, Payments & Refunds

Purchasing of the course is via A link will be sent to you at the same time as you receive an acceptance letter. Not before. Teachable has an international element that allows for easy worldwide payments, in a safe and secure manner. This is why we have chosen it as our platform. As such, AOI will not be dealing directly with any of your fees, so any payment issues, need to be raised with itself.

Please note: MCP students get priority choice on the practical events dates.

OEI Pathway students who decide that they want to convert to the MCP Pathway, must make that decision at least 3 months before the practicum event they wish to join, and have paid in full, 8 weeks before the event itself. Please note: MCP students receive priority on all practicum events. As such, if you decide to take the OEI Pathway, we cannot promise that you will get onto your first practicum of choice. Resultantly, if you know at the start that you want to attend the practicum, we urge you to purchase the MCP from the start of the pathway.

When purchasing the course option of your choice via,  you will have the opportunity to either pay in full or via 6 single monthly payments. This ensures that the MCP cohort have completed all online elements within 7 months of the start date (which is more than enough time to do so). They can then attend the UK practicum as a collegiate group. Students can take longer to complete the online coursework (if the need arises), but AOI would urge you to stay in line with your cohort if at all possible, as this will offer you a better sense of camaraderie and a more fluid learning experience. At this time, (although subject to any government changes as a result of COVID), AOI expects to run the practicum for this course in the Spring of 2021. Likely in early April to avoid any issues with weather/travel challenges.

Please note: Students are not permitted to attend the MCP practical event, until they have completed (and passed) all aspects of the online content. This is because students will be required to recall and utilise information they have learned via the online content from day one of the practicum. 

Please read – this is an important note about acceptance and purchase timing:

We accept only 18 students per MCP cohort, so if you are serious about attending Level I as a Masterclass Pathway student, please ensure that you access Teachable within 48 hours of your acceptance email from AOI and purchase the MCP course. Failure to do so, may risk your chance of a place, as AOI will only hold your position for 48 hours before releasing a place to the next student, when the place will be given on a first come, first serve basis. 


The Teachable platform ensures that all students who purchase via them, are honoured a 30 day money back guarantee. This means that if you aren’t wholly satisfied in the first 30 days of the course, you can get your money back, without question. All aspects of the refund will be managed through, as this is an aspect of their customer policy. 

Cancellation policy for all face to face events

On very rare occasions, situations arise that mean we have to change a date for, or cancel a practical event. If for any reason, AOI has to change a date, postpone (or move the location of the event) for a practicum, you will be informed as quickly as possible. As such, please ensure that the email address you give us remains up to date and check it regularly nearing event times. AOI will not be held responsible for emails not read or seen by students. This is your responsibility.

In line with the above, AOI strongly recommends that ANY hotel, flight or travel arrangements that you book in advance, offers a full cancellation/refund option. AOI cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred as a result of pre-booking decisions, because we cannot control exceptional circumstances that may arise from external facilities, adverse weather conditions, changes in government regulations, flight cancellations etc. We also strongly recommend that you hold suitable travel/medical insurance in case the need arises.

Outdoor activity during the MCP practicums

Whilst AOI runs its practicums in relatively fine weather months, all aspects of the practicum will be held in an indoor or outdoor arena, so sensible, appropriate (layered) clothing (and boots) must be worn (or brought with you). Equine students are also asked not to wear clothing that is too baggy or has a loose hood, as this can present a risk to safety and may not be deemed acceptable. Students who arrive at the practicum without proper attire, will not be allowed to participate in practical sessions if it is deemed unsafe or unhealthy to do so. Such a decision can be made by the Director of Education, Lead Lecturer or Programme Director – and their word is final.

Physical nature of the MCP course

Due to the physical nature of this course, all delegates who apply, do so in the knowledge that they will be asked to stand for long periods and also expected to lift and hold the limbs of horses during the practicums to assessments and practice techniques. This can be extremely demanding on one’s back, hips and knees, if you do not have good bodily tone, which is why we inform you now. Such activities can also take place over prolonged practice periods during the practicum, which means that a good degree of fitness and tone is highly recommended. As such, when you complete the application form, you will be asked to confirm that you deem yourself physically fit enough to study, practice and work with horses for several hours per day, during the practicums; and that you can do so without concern for your health. AOI informs you of these demands in advance of purchasing, because we hate to see students frustrated or upset when they can’t compete the course as required. We will always do our best to help you adapt, but ultimately, for the purpose of this course, you will need to be fit enough to manage the taught assessments and techniques that need to be examined. And we need to know that in the event a horse spooks or gets upset, you can get out of the way, safely and quickly without injury. For that, we hope you appreciate our candor.

Please note: If you purchase the course in light of a health condition, or a recommendation by AOI that the course may not be suitable, you do so at your own risk and expense; and if the Programme Director, Director of Education or lead lecturer deems it unsafe for you to participate in a practical class, you will be asked to sit out, without argument or exception. This is because we will not place any student at risk, nor risk any adjoining student or horse handler. As such, if you purchase this course on the above grounds and you are unable to participate in all or any part of the practicum (or asked to sit out), you will still be wholly liable for the cost of the practicum event. This is because equine practicums especially are extremely expensive to run and costs need to be covered. We hope you understand.

Student Declaration

I have read and understood all aspects of this application form, and in line with requests made, and information given, I can confirm the following: 

  •  I have read the information on the AOI website and chosen the course that appears suitable for my educational needs and level of study; 
  • I fulfil the immediate professional criteria for application;
  • I appreciate that if I have undertaken some previous study with animals, there may be some overlap during my studies and thus review, and I am happy for that to take place; 
  • I realise that I require suitable internet stability to complete all elements of the online course and that any failings in this department are my own responsibility. I understand that I will not be issued a refunds as a result of internet failure;
  • I understand that the course will be taught in English and as such I can confirm that my command of the English language is deemed “fluent” and therefore suitable for a course of this nature (written, reading and spoken). I am aware that I will not be issued any refunds, as a result of language limitations; 
  • I understand that those who complete the Online Only course option, will receive only a letter of completion; 
  • I understand that the Online Enhanced Interaction Pathway does not include practicums and as such, graduates will only receive a Certificate of Completion from AOI.
  • I understand that the Masterclass Pathway is the only course pathway where successful graduates achieve Certificates of Competence from both the ESO and AOI; 

For OEI and MCP students only: 

  • I understand that it is preferable that I complete the online content within 6 months, to study in-line with my initial cohort, but that I may extend this if I need to. Such a decision will however, be made in the knowledge that I will not be able to attend a practicum until the online content is complete; 
  • I have highlighted any physical challenges that may face during the practical sessions, but (if relevant) I still wish to apply. I do this at my own risk and confirm that if I am asked to sit out of a practical seminar, because I place myself, colleagues or horse handler at risk, I will not make a complaint nor ask for a refund. 
  • I understand that I will need to attend a practicum event in the UK at the end of the online content (and not before); 
  • I understand that any pre-bookings I make (regards to travel, accommodation etc.), are undertaken at my own risk and cost; and I confirm that the AOI has recommended that I not make such pre-bookings without the appropriate insurance and refund policies in place. 

I have read, understand and agree with all of the above, and will complete the following application form on this basis. Click on the button below to enter and complete.

Your Privacy Matters:

Your data will only ever be used for the intention of course application or course communications. Your information will never be shared outside the AOI, with the exception of any legal requests made by the Police (or Government), where appropriate legal paperwork has first been issued. Once the course ends and you are no longer a student of the AOI, all personal data will be destroyed in line with GDPR and data protection regulations

AOI (via Herdwick & Goose Limited) follows strict guidelines in terms of data protection and management and is also covered by cybersecurity insurance and follows clear guidelines regarding the management of customer data. This is to ensure that our student’s data is as safe and secure as possible.  

For information about payment information, please go to where you can read their policies specifically.