Osteopathic Approach to the Equine Patient – Level II Module 6

Stage Level – II

Date: 11th/12th May 2021

Location:  Hampshire/Dorset border (New Forest)

Timetable: 9.30-16.30hrs.

Number of CPD hours:  14 hours

Price:  £399

Internally validated by the European School of Osteopathy 

Indicative content:

  • Explore Veterinary approaches to commonly seen conditions,
  • Discuss current veterinary considerations, interventions, protocols and management
  • Case based discussion of osteopathic approach, assessment, treatment and management protocols,
  • Have the opportunity for clinical discussions with a vet and to discuss co-treatment strategies
  • Utilise your understanding of osteopathic and veterinary approaches to consider Total lesion concepts and hypothesis rationale
  • Teaching clinic – Ensure your confidence in assessing and treating the equine patient in a supportive environment.
  • Undertake start to finish assessment and treatment protocols utilising the osteopathic sieve, form working hypotheses, discuss technique and management plans and undertake effective treatment in a clinical situation.

Who can apply: This course is for equine osteopaths, veterinary and manual professionals or those training in the equine musculoskeletal profession who wish to develop their practice and understand a holistic approach to equine practice. Proof of prior experience and education is essential. Without exception. All delegates should provide evidence of insurance, which allows them to study/work on/with animals. 

Please note

International Students: We are happy to take national and international students but pleases do NOT book flights or hotels until the Educational Director has sent course confirmation. This is due to the high costs of this course and the need for minimum numbers. International delegates MUST be proficient in all aspects of the English language. The AOI will not be held responsible for any language challenges that arise.

Important information: Please read below.

Please note that minimum numbers will be required in order to run this course. If minimum numbers are not met the AOI reserves the right to cancel the courseIf for any reason, AOI has to cancel the course, (either due to inadequate numbers or failure on the behalf of our third-party facilities), you will be refunded in full. However, as a result of having a minimum number requirement (due to the high cost nature of this course), we do not advise you to pay for any hotels, flights or travel arrangements in advance without cancellation options. AOI will not be held responsible for any costs incurred as a result of such pre-booking. 

Further information: Please contact the AOI team via email at: animalosteopathyinternational@gmail.com or complete the form below and ask for an application form.