Owner Courses

Introducing Our Online Owner’s Workshops

We are developing owner courses for two reasons. 1. To give discerning owners a chance to help and understand their animal friends and 2. To offer practitioners a chance to purchase owner-friendly courses that can add real value in their patient’s therapeutic  journey. If you are a practitioner, interested in using our owner courses in this way, please contact us for more details. Please note that you will be allowed access for 12 months from the time of purchase. 

Equine Learning Theory - for owners

with Bettina Hvidemose

Canine Stretching Course For Owners

With Eleanor Andrews

Do you take long runs/walks with your dog or do Bikejor or Canicross? If so, your dog needs to be stretched…. just like you! Dogs get post-activity tight muscles too and forgetting to stretch can lead to the onset of dysfunction, just as it can in humans. 

* Price stated above is exclusive of VAT/MOSS

Available for purchase @ £79.99*

Canine Learning Theory Owner course. This course teaches you how to apply Canine Applied Learning Theory to the relationship you have with your dog.  It shows insight into the world of learning theory, which will help you to work with an accurate understanding of your dog’s mind. 

* Price stated above is exclusive of VAT/MOSS

Massage Your Dog – Owner Course

Arriving 2021 – hold on tight.. we’re working on it!

Just like humans, dog’s muscles benefit from massage, especially after exercise, and with more and more people taking up sports with their dogs, such as Canicross, it’s even more important to remember that they need massage too! 

* Price stated above is exclusive of VAT/MOSS

For more information or to purchase a course

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