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It’s never been so easy to study with the AOI

Animal Osteopathy International – supporting students everywhere.

Study from anywhere – literally

Animal Osteopathy International has always had an international audience, but travel and cost has often been a limiting factor. So, we’ve removed a lot of that stress, by bringing our courses to YOU. That means, that you can study much of the material online, only attending face to face clinics to master your skills (where specific courses dictate). The layout of each course varies slightly, so it’s always worth reading the course page of your choice carefully and getting in touch with any specific questions you may have. Some courses, for example, offer the opportunity of live Q&A sessions, whilst others have case-based webinar elements. And many of the full pathways have online communities to offer you support along the way.

Those wishing to study for certified courses that are validated by the ESO, will need to attend face to face clinics as part of the learning experience (although much less than previously required). And you will be expected to complete assessments during this time, so that we may evaluate your progress and offer feedback.

Owners & Professionals

From the comfort of your own home. Animal Osteopathy International is here to support your learning journey, in line with today’s global challenges. Whether you’re interested in learning more about your animal, or have a professional interest in animal medicine and therapeutics, we’ve got something for you. We offer a variety of short courses and full pathway options (for owners and practitioners), so you can design a learning strategy to suit your needs.

Each course page is mostly self explanatory, although we are aware that due to the changes forced by COVID 19, some of our course pages lack specificity on terms of dates and fees. In the first instance, as each new course will be released via our mailing list and Facebook page, we ask that you just subscribe and await further notice. If, however, you have a specific enquiry, feel free to connect with the AOI team with your question – via the form below. We do our very best to answer within 24 hours.