Life as an Animal Osteopath

Treating, Teaching & Travel.

All part of a day’s work for an animal osteopath.

We have created this video for those who want to know more about life as an animal osteopath. We hope you enjoy it.

We also asked some of our past students to talk about their stories as animal osteopaths. We hope you find them useful and inspiring.

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Our courses are divided up into canine and equine, because experience has taught us that many students have a natural preference for one group over the other. Also, whilst there are some similarities between horses and dogs, there are also many differences. Especially when it comes to environmental considerations, associated pathologies and orthopaedic variations.

We teach postgraduate students of all levels. From complete beginners, to those who have undertaken a foundation level PG Certificate, all the way through to experienced veterinary surgeons. So, whatever your level of interest, there is likely to be a course of that suits you. Once you’ve found what you want, feel free get in touch and we will help you to design a pathway of learning that suits your needs.

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Please note, that at this time we are reviewing our course offerings, to see which elements can be taken online (to help students who have to stay at home). As such, some of the details (and prices) on the course content pages may change over the coming weeks. We will however, update followers via our newsletter, so don’t forget to subscribe above ⬆️