Level 3 Professional Equine Modules

COVID 19 has made us re-think of overall educational strategy, to ensure that we can still deliver workshops and courses to our students around the world, without interruption. As such, you will see that we have taken Level I and Level II online, offering a dual modality pathway that allows students to learn online before attending face to face workshops. This radically reduces the number of visits necessary, sometimes down to trip, saving our students thousands in expenses and lost time at work. It also works better for students who have families and other academic commitments.

Level Three – Professional Modules 

Modules from level three can be collated by the student for the Master Practitioner qualification or they can be taken as standalone events for those who wish this option. They are intended for those with animal osteopathic experience but may be taken by any animal practitioner wishing to extend their knowledge in the associated specialist areas. Module assignments at level three (for those working toward the Master Practitioner award) are intended to encourage autonomous, critical thinking, such that the student explores new ground and challenges past assumptions. It is within this level that AOI has an evidence-based- research and writing module, which actively encourages advanced practitioners to undertake research work of their own, such that the profession will expand and grow.  

Current Level Three Modules:

  • Application of Learning Theory for the Equine Patient with Bettina Hvidemose (Denmark)
  • Equine Rehabilitation 
  • Equine Hydrotherapeutics
  • Evidence-based Practice – Research & Writing
  • More topics will be added to level three over time.

This new approach is wonderful for our students, but it has (and will continue to) created a lot of work for our teaching and management team over the next 12-24 months, so please bear with us whilst we re-construct the various courses for you. If you are already a qualified animal practitioner, using an osteopathic approach with your patients, and would like to attend one (or all) of the level three courses, please email us on contact@animalosteopathyinternational.com to demonstrate an interest, so we can stay in touch and let you know when each of them goes live. We look forward to having you onboard!

Our pathway courses are internally validated by the European School of Osteopathy. For more information on the ESO, go to: https://www.eso.ac.uk