Glenn Sontag

Glenn Sontag

(MSc. Animal Osteopathy)

“Gaining an MSc in Animal Osteopathy back in 2018 provided some of the most challenging, diverse and pleasurable experiences in my osteopathic career.”

What was the most noticeable benefit as a cross-skill to human practice?

The most noticeable benefit is how my human treatments have improved. Working with animals who can’t communicate their pain, vastly increases one’s intuition and palpation. These skills can then be easily transferred to a human patient.

What have you enjoyed about working as an animal osteopath?

Working in the animal field gives you the opportunity to work with a variety of paraprofessionals. Many more than most human osteopaths encounter in their daily routines. For example, an AO may talk or meet with vets, animal behaviourists, farriers etc. All of which may be highly pertinent to an [equine] case.

You also learn about the variations of the musculoskeletal structures, as well as the pathologies that affect different animal groups. Although it may feel overwhelming intially, your osteopathic core principles often guide you to manage the treatment programme effectively. Furthermore, collaborating with vets – a legal necessity in the UK – allows you to learn so much more in clinical practise. 

Where do you currently practice?

Living in Central/ East London has influenced my animal clientele – 90% are canine – and I visit people in their homes as well as working with a team at the Hyde Park Veterinary Centre. 

What are your plans from here?

The next stage of my development is to refresh my equine practice and to expand the range of animals that I treat; (cats, birds, reptiles, small wildlife and big fauna). Gaining a postgraduate cranial osteopathy qualification is also high up on my agenda, as these subtle but powerful skills can be so valuable in both human and animal practice. 

If you are considering broadening your osteopathic skills to include animals, I can highly recommend pursuing this incredibly rewarding opportunity. 

Glenn can be found via the contact details below, for those who maybe interested.

Glenn Sontag 
Blue Eye Healthcare Ltd
Tel: 07816 108812