Voice for Asian Elephants Society

At the AOI, we believe that being an animal osteopath, means more than just treating animals in our community. To us, it also means supporting animals around the world, who need our help. Too many people click sad face emoticons when they see pictures of animals being harmed, hurt or tortured, but very few ACT. Sadly, all the “likes” in the world won’t save the lives of animals in need. So our mission is to reach out and support some of these amazing projects, by educating those more fortunate, in an attempt to make a difference to these beautiful creatures. We hope you’ll join us on the journey…

VFAES is grounded in nonviolent thoughts, words, and deeds, openness to diverse worldviews and cultures, transparency, and science 

  • Cultivate empathy and compassion for elephants through awareness campaigns for youth, the general public, and targeted audiences
  • Conduct research on the intersection of human cultures and conservation, and simultaneously build awareness of the role of elephants – known as “the gardeners of the earth” – in mitigating global air pollution
  • Advocate legislative changes to tackle wildlife crime by organizing sensitization workshops for bureaucrats, law enforcement authorities, religious institutions, and decision makers
  • Mitigate human-elephant conflicts (HEC) that often result in capture and “taming” of the so-called “crop raiders”
  • Implement strategic collaborations to rescue captive elephants and operate havens where they can be rehabilitated
  • Relocate able and eligible elephants into the wild after rehabilitation

For more information or to make a donation go to: https://www.vfaes.org/what-we-do