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Diploma Canada Pathway - enrolling Now

NEWSFLASH - Space is running out!

 If you would like to complete year one of the Diploma – the Foundation Course – in Calgary, 2022, now is the time to enrol. The equine pathway has only 2 places left. The canine pathway has 5 places left. If you want more information about the course, go to either the Foundation Course or Conversion Course webpages. To apply, email us TODAY and we will guide you accordingly. Email: contact@animalosteopathyinternational.com 

AOI Practicums Now Available in Canada 🇨🇦

We are pleased to announce that from Autumn 2022, AOI will be running practicums  in Canada, with the support of CIECBW in Calgary, Alberta.

The relationship  with Equinology Canada, a long established school of equine and canine bodywork, means that we can offers our Diploma Pathway to Canadian osteopaths, veterinarians and veterinary MSK practitioners with  face-to-face practicums, in Canada, for the first time ever. 

Existing AOI students, may also reach out and utilise this opportunity, meaning that you no longer need to attend the UK to complete your courses. 

Equinology Canada Facilities

AOI prides itself on the exceptional quality of the practicums we run, knowing only too well that osteopathic technique cannot be taught or learned solely online. This is neither safe nor suitable for such a clinically sensitive topic.  That is why we are super excited to be able to finally deliver practicums in Canada on a regular basis and why we are working in conjunction with Equinology Canada, who’s own teaching quality is also first class. 

Caninology Canada - Facilities

Canadian Institute of Equine & Canine Bodyworks (CIECBW)

CIECBW became the Canadian connection for Equinology and Caninology in 2010. Their bodywork courses provide the perfect balance between theory and practical learning, which is why they have become a recognized industry leader. Currently based in the Calgary, Alberta CIECBW (Equinology Canada) will soon announce information on their new campuses in the areas of Edmonton, Alberta and Toronto, Ontario. 
"Our focus is ensuring that our students have access to the best education from around the world, through cutting edge programs and instruction. Our partnership with AOI is yet another step toward that commitment, giving our students an opportunity to radically extend their clinical careers."
Equinology Canada

Which courses are available in Canada?

The Diploma Pathway starts this Autumn, with Equine and Canine Foundation Course (year one) practicums being run in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in September 2022. After this, the Diploma modules will be taught in Calgary in 2023 (numbers permitting). This will ensure that students can progress through the entire programme without disruption. 

If you are interested in joining AOI’s Functional Osteopathic programme, you will need to have signed up to the online theoretical component by no later than January 2022. For more information on the courses themselves, please go to the relevant course page: EQUINE  or CANINE. 

Equinology EEBWII graduates (post 2015) may also be eligible via a specialist Conversion Course. Click HERE for more details.