Equine Course Fees

Below you will see the prices each course option. This includes: A first class online learning package, via our new Kajabi teaching platform and on-demand sessional webinars to explore the core topics and osteopathic considerations from the associated session. This method offers students the opportunity to review the session’s work, ask questions on the online platform and at live events. This means that students learn from peers and experienced practitioners who have decades of osteopathic experience. In addition, you will receive access to our private online community to communicate with your fellow students and live support for the duration of the programme.

From 2022 Bettina’s Hvidemose’s Applied Learning Theory Course is included within the AOI diploma programme. This is because, understanding our equine patients (how they think and behave), is a vital part of our work. Only with this understanding, can we work safely, competently and kindly with the horses we treat. This is to ensure that year one graduates are well-rounded in all aspects of the course content and can demonstrate the necessary clinical/professional skills.

You will also see the addition of our new New Zealand programme, which is a hybrid course taught online (from May 2023) with an 8-day supporting practical workshop to be held in early 2024. More details to be released shortly. Register your interest today EMAIL US NOW

AOI course fees

The price listed below includes: over seven-months of online small group tutorage (per year) to cover the theoretical elements of the course. Live webinars, student activities, an online community, 17-days of hands-on practical workshops & all associated assignments, externships & examinations. 


AOI Certificate Programme. A one year hybrid course (online theory with two (four-day) practical workshops). Ask the office for more details. Starting in September (UK & Denmark practicums).

The variation in fees between UK/EU and North America is simply down to the additional cost and commitment incurred to run practicums outside of Europe. Students are responsible for all costs associated with their own travel, accommodation and food during the practicum events. 

The New Zealand Certificate Programme: A one year, high quality, hybrid course taught online with an 8-days of practical workshops and clinical assessments in NZ. The course will run from May 2023 to May 2024. Contact us for more information. 

The AOI Certificate Programme: A one year hybrid course – online theory with two (four-day) practical workshops and clinical assessments. Ask the office for more details. Starting September 2023 (UK & Denmark practicums). 

Suitable students/graduates from other schools of animal osteopathy, who would like to join us for one of our level one or level two practical workshops are also welcome to join us if they want the practical experience. Fees and content for the practicum alone can be requested from our office.