Year One & Year Two

Below you will see the prices for each of the year’s practicums in 2022/2023. This includes: A first class online learning package, via our Teachable platform and on-demand sessional webinars to explore the core topics and osteopathic considerations from the associated session. This method offers students the opportunity to review the session’s work, ask questions on the online platform and at live events. This means that students learn from peers and experienced practitioners who have decades of osteopathic experience. In addition, you will receive access to our private online community to communicate with your fellow students and live support for the duration of the programme.

NEW CONTENT THIS YEAR: From 2022 Bettina’s Hvidemose’s Applied Learning Theory Course is included within our Diploma. This is because understanding our equine patients; how they think and behave, is a vital part of our work. Only with this understanding, can we work safely, competently and kindly with the horses we treat. Additionally, from 2022 the year one practicum will last for 5-days (instead of 4) and the practical assessments will be more integrative. This is to ensure that year one graduates are well-rounded in all aspects of the course content and can demonstrate the necessary clinical/professional skills.

Stated prices include all elements of the course, from the online components to the practical classes and assessment fees. Prices vary slightly due to additional costs incurred when the teaching team has to travel internationally. 

PLEASE NOTE: When first you join us, we will ask you when and where you hope to take the practicum, so that we can assign you accordingly. Once booked, you must commit to that choice, unless extenuating circumstances arise. Students must complete ALL elements of the online element before attending the year one practicum (without exception), so please sign up at least 6 months before the practicum date. 

Year one course fees when paying in full (2022)

Year two course fees when paying in full (2022)

*Please note: all stated prices attract VAT where applicable. All UK residents must pay VAT irrespective of their status (business or consumer). Courses are re-evaluated every year on January 1st and will increase in line with inflation and costs associated with insurance for each region. Additional costs incurred through travel, accommodation and food for the practicum events will be at the student’s own expense and apply to all courses and payment options. 

Flexible Payments & covid information

Flexible payments are available for those who need to spread the cost. Ask for more information. 

Only students who pay in full have immediate and open access to the whole course from the start. The course is otherwise released on a timed  basis to ensure that payment remain in-line with the flexible payments. All fees must be paid in full before the practicum/clinical session is attended. Without exception. 

In terms of COVID and it’s regulations/limitations, we do our utmost to make the student experience as seamless as we can and will be flexible where possible, but if you have concerns, please feel free to drop us an email and we’ll do what we can to allay any fears. In the return we ask that anyone who joins AOI at this time, be flexible too. We works very much as a community, and will do whatever we can to get everyone to their chosen practicum on time, but sometimes we have to comply with regulations that mean we have to make amendments. That is life as it is at present.

Mentoring and Private Tuition

Private tuition can be arranged for students who feel that they need more support, before or during the Diploma course. Message the office for more details. Mentoring service and private practicum classes available.