The Art & Science of Farriery.

Yogi Sharp

Yogi's Biography

Yogi Sharp DipWCF DipHE qualified in 2009 with the best NVQ in his college and runner up in the county for his year, and since then he has taken a keen interest in the academics and scientific approach to farriery. A few years ago he made the decision to downsize his business and direct it toward a veterinary and practitioner referral focused enterprise, where he enjoys putting science into practice. This came hand in hand with starting his studies toward achieving the BSc (hons) in Farriery Science at Myerscough.  Shortly after beginning the degree course, he established "The Equine Documentalist" in following with his other passion of research and education. He spends long hours researching scientific papers and creating palatable articles to bring equine science to the general horse owning public. Through the platform of “The Equine Documentalist” Yogi has become both an international educator and farriery consultant. He lectures for educational institutes, private groups and equine charities both nationally and internationally on farriery related science, with a focus on holistic consideration of the fluid relationship between the hoof and the rest of the horse. Yogi is also a founding member of Vet-IR involved in thermography research and education using the modality in his research projects.

Yogi is Joining AOI in 2021