Vacancies & Opportunities

The AOI is always looking for talented animal specialists and owners with interesting stories to get involved in a range of activities. Our aim is to enhance the student journey, through real life cases and teachings from a range of experienced practitioners, and our online platform allows us to work with you from anywhere in the world. So, whether you’re particularly well-read on the rehabilitation of wildlife or a specialist veterinary surgeon, you will have something to offer. 

Available Opportunities: 

  • Pop-Up Speakers – to speak as a specialist or someone who has experienced an animal working through a particular condition. This opportunity suits both professionals and owners.
  • Specialist Lecturers – for those interested in developing a standalone online course with AOI on a central topic. 
  • Supporting lecturers – people who want to help to create online content that we can use in our mainstream programmes. 
  • Associate lecturers – for newer practitioners who want to help with our international/online projects but need more experience before lecturing on their own.  
  • Owner interviews to help enhance our educational offering;
  • Student osteopaths who are keen to study animal osteopathy and would like to work with us to support their journey.

We are also keen to hear from students of osteopathy, who would like to work voluntarily with AOI on with various day to day projects, as a way to support their own learning journey. Contact us for more information. 

Professionals we are keen to hear from:

If you are one of the following professionals and would be interested in working with the AOI on any of the projects names above, please get in touch. We’d love to chat to you and explore opportunities. 

Remember, you can be based anywhere in the world, not just the UK as we have online platforms that make anything possible. 

  • Veterinarian (specialist or in general practice);
  • Animal specialist e.g. focused experience on one animal type (this can be anything from goats and lions to wild birds);
  • Animal Osteopath; 
  • Animal therapist from another modality;
  • Fully qualified remedial farrier; 
  • Fully qualified equine dentist;
  • Fully qualified bare-foot specialist; 
  • Animal trainers (not just dogs and horses);
  • Rehabilitation specialist (canine, feline and equine);
  • Master saddler;
  • Zoologist; 
  • Wildlife specialists;
  • Similar areas that you feel maybe of interest to us.

Contact us Today.

If you would like to work with us, please send an email to:

Outline your areas of speciality (or interest) and where applicable, attach a resume.

We look forward to hearing from you 🙂