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Equine Functional (Osteopathic) Conversion Course

For graduates of the Center of Dyreterapi (CoD) who hold a certificate in Fysiurgisk Hesteterapeut


Next intake will start in 2023. Only 12 spaces available.

From 2022, most CoD graduates will be able to join AOI through a new and exciting pathway of study. This means that CoD graduates who hold certification as a Fysiurgisk Hesteterapeut, will be able to apply for AOI’s educational programmes, via a bespoke conversion course, that allows CoD graduates to bypass some (previously studied elements) of AOI’s Diploma Programme. This is because, CoD’s equine pathway has been stringently evaluated by AOI, and shown to provide one of the highest quality of courses in manual therapy available in Denmark. Consequently, graduates who have already undertaken hundreds of hours of high quality training and hands-on practice, (that exceeds many of the human practitioners who typically join AOI courses), and are welcome on our Diploma Programme via this conversion course. 

Although the AOI has accepted qualified animal professionals to join their animal training pathways since 2016, it has always been a challenge, due to the variation in qualifications around the world. However, after a robust process of evaluation, AOI can confirm that the standard of CoD manual therapy graduates appropriately fulfils entry criteria to our Diploma programme, (as long as the student has also studied at degree level in the past or is willing to undertake an additional short (online) course in Introduction to Clinical Research Methodology and Analysis. 

The conversion course (which is an amended version of year one of the Diploma programme), comprises 300 hours of study, plus case and clinical assessments, and commences with an online programme of study (presentations, case study practice, videos and webinars), followed by a high quality, small group intensive 5-day practicum plus clinical assessment. This will be taken with the existing year one students. 

At this time we are accepting applications for the 2023 Denmark programme. This programme will start in the Autumn of 2023 with a year one practicum in Hirtshals in June 2024 and a year two practicum in June 2025. 

This amazing opportunity gives CoD practitioners a chance to join AOI’s professional Academic Pathway toward becoming a fully qualified Equine Functional [Osteopathic] Practitioner. The ideal career opportunity for those who wish to expand their clinical competence and scope of practice.

Who can apply?

Students who wish to attend the AOI Equine Functional (Osteopathic) Conversion Course (CoD version) must have successfully completed the following:

  1. The equine course taught by the Centre of Dyreterapi, which resulted in the title of Fysiurgisk Hesteterapeut.
  2. The Clinical Research Methodology and Analysis short online course (or similar) – unless you hold a degree, in which case are not required to take this course.

The course is taught in English by blended learning (that being online and with a 5-day practicum). Transcripts of almost all videos accompany the online course content to assist those who do not speak English as a first language. English competence at the IELTS 6.5 or above is still essential, as an official translator wil not be present. Please note also, that the course must be taken on a laptop – not a smart-phone or tablet, as the software does not work well with the latter technology and may cause issues for the student. 

Academic Pathway - the stages to becoming a Master Practitioner

The Equine Functional (Osteopathic) Conversion Course (CoD version) replaces year one of the Diploma programme for CoD equine graduates. Once a student successfully completes the EFOCC, they enter year two. Further details of this year can be found HERESuccessful completion of the Diploma programme, ensures that the practitioner is safe and competent to manage a range of standard clinical cases. The Advanced Diploma (year three) covers a full range of osteopathic techniques, allowing the practitioner to treat an extensive assortment of equine patients. 

The Equine Conversion Course is the beginning of a high quality journey which leads the student through AOI’s Academic Pathway.

Please note: For those who do not come from an osteopathic [human] background, AOI cannot and will not endorse inappropriate use of the term osteopathic or osteopathy in countries where it is illegal to use this title. Where students have studied our Academic Pathway and cannot use the title Equine Functional Osteopathic Practitioner, they should instead use Equine Functional Practitioner.

EFOCC (CoD) Students are being given an amended version of year one (of the Diploma), which fills in any identified gaps in their learning. All students are however, expected to complete year two of the Diploma, before being awarded certification to work autonomously as a Functional Osteopath/Functional Practitioner – in line with local laws and regulations linked to the use of the osteopathic title.

Price & Payment Options for the EFOCC (CoD)

Those who join us via this route, will pay £5999 for the whole Diploma programme (two years). Saving £599 on our usual Diploma price. Flexible payments are available. Ask for an application form for more detail. 

Additional costs incurred through travel, accommodation and food for these events will be at the students own expense and apply to all courses and payment options.

What's Included in the (CoD) Conversion Course?

  • The bespoke online component that has been written specifically for the EFOCC (CoD).
  • A 5-day high-quality practicum with local Danish speakers onsite (Please note: the practicum is not translated).
  • Written and practical assessments. 
  • Facebook community page specifically for equine year one students. 
  • Student Support Meeting 
  • LIVE drop-in events for Q&As
  • Externship post-practicum to consolidate learning. 
In addition to the above, CoD students must complete year two which has a 12-day practicum and clinical review period (in addition to 7-months of online learning and an externship post-practicum).

Would You Like To Apply?

If you graduated from the Centre of Dyreterapi and would like to apply for the Diploma via the Equine Functional Osteopathic Conversion Course, mail us today: