AOI Partnerships

Our Trusted Partners

AOI’s partners have been chosen because of the commendable work that they have done within their field and how they fit with AOI’s values and objectives. For more information about each Association, School or Organisation, click on the relevant image below.

For more information about our partner organisations, please click on the appropriate logo above. For more information about how we work together, please scroll down.

AOI’s Aims & Objectives:

  • To offer gold standard animal osteopathy and animal functional therapy education that doesn’t thrust students into years of unnecessary debt. 
  • To modernise the educational model, so that courses can be delivered effectively around the world. 
  • To offer gold standard teaching training for those who wish to become part of AOI’s international educational network.
  • To provide international hubs where students can learn from each other closer to home. 
  • To support projects that aim to improve animal welfare and healthcare in a way that is compassionate and selfless. 
  • To support teachers of animal related topics, who want to share their knowledge but value the backing of an experienced educational provider. 
  • To help and support smaller animal related educational establishments that are struggling to gain traction on their own. 
  •  To locate and support first class products that offer real value to the animal community; be that via our practitioner or animal owner communities. 

Find out more about our partners and how we work together - coming soon!