AOI Partnerships & Divisions

In life, it is important to work with people and companies whose own values resonate with your own. AOI partners have been chosen because of the commendable work that they undertake and their involvement in spreading the word of our work. For that we are eternally grateful 🙏🏼

Some of our partnerships schools have grown into Divisional Partners. This means that they support AOI by helping with day to day operations of our courses in their home country. At this time, we have Divisional Partners in Denmark, Canada and the USA. We are also working toward a Divisional Partner in Greece. More information will be released as we have it to share. In 2022, we will run a Foundation Course (Level One)  practicum in Denmark, Canada, the UK and possibly Greece. In 2023, we will branch into the USA (Maryland) and New Zealand. COVID regulations permitting. Level Two Diploma practicums will follow in each location. 

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  • To offer first class animal osteopathy and animal functional therapy education that puts the animals we treat at the heart of the picture and won’t thrust students into years of unnecessary debt. 
  • To train students who want to treat animals. Who care about animal welfare and animal healthcare, and understand that humans and animals cannot be assessed and treated in the same way. 
  • To train students with an evidence-based approach, supported by research and literature. 
  • To use a modern educational model, so that courses can be delivered effectively around the world, reducing carbon footprints for international students and lecturers.
  • To locate and attract animal osteopaths and animal training schools, who wish to become part of AOI’s international educational network.
  • To support animal osteopathic lecturers and animal training schools with first class training, so that they may become part of AOI’s international network.
  • To support teachers of animal related topics, who want to share their knowledge but need the backing of an experienced educational provider. 
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