About the AOI

A new initiative which focuses not only professional education, but also on international collaborations, animal welfare, and the sharing of knowledge for the greater good of the animals for which we care. 

We are currently working with several national and international schools and associations to create international programmes in animal osteopathic education, some of which will be translated into the local language. There will also be significant developments in online education within these programmes, which will ensure that costs are reduced for theoretical elements that do not require the same degree of face to face activity.

Eleanor Andrews is the Educational Director for the AOI. She is also an osteopath and educator of osteopathy and animal osteopathy. She has an extensive equine background and incorporates her knowledge of horse and rider into her teaching. She is a senior lecturer on the MSc Animal Osteopathy and all CPD courses at the ESO and internationally with AOI. Eleanor is also the new Chair (2019) for the Association of Animal Osteopaths and a Council Member of RAMP. Dustie and Eleanor run courses, workshops and seminars in animal related subjects for animal professionals and talks for owners and vets. They also offer bespoke private study days to professionals and students who want to improve their skills without the pressure of a classroom setting. AOI also offers apprenticeship to those who demonstrate exceptional commitment and a desire to learn.

Dustie Houchin is the Managing Director of the AOI. She is also an osteopath of some 21 years, passionate about education and the sharing of knowledge. She is an ambassador of osteopathy and animal osteopathy around the world. As the M.D of Animal Osteopathy International and the Consultant of Animal Osteopathy at the European School Osteopathy, Dustie sits at the heart of animal osteopathy education and its politics. Within her roles, she helps design and manage animal-related programmes and CPD activity around the world. She has worked as an osteopath for animals since 2001 prior to which she was lucky enough to attend courses with the late Anthony Pusey. Dustie was a Founder and past Chair of the Association of Animal Osteopaths and is the Quality Assurance & Educations Officer (and founding Council Member) for RAMP. She is also a GOsC QAA reviewer and assessor. Her specialist skills allow her to teach students of animal osteopathy to interact and treat in a way that provides the best possible environment for animal patient and the practitioner. One of love and respect.

The AOI has also an extensive team of internal and external lectures, from the osteopathic, animal behaviour and veterinary fraternities (who’s biographies will be added in due course). 

If you are interested in joining AOI in any capacity, please get in touch (animalosteopathy@icloud.com) Animal Osteopathy International™  is a trading name of Herdwick & Goose Limited Registered office: Haseley End, Rectory Road, Great Haseley OX44 7JL.  Registered company number: 11618342.